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Broadband coverage on Zen Internet: availability of their full fibre network

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Last update: September 28, 2023
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Zen internet coverage information is relevant to new subscribers to Zen and users looking to switch from a different provider to Zen Internet. In this article, we will look at where Zen Internet's coverage is available and how to check if there is Zen broadband coverage in your area. We will also explore Zen Internet's Gigabit coverage and who provides Zen's broadband coverage.

Where is Zen Internet's coverage available?

Zen internet coverage map across the United Kingdom (UK) is extensive. However, as a new subscriber to Zen, you might be weighing your options to decide whether to switch to Zen. In this case, ensuring you have coverage in your area is important.

Zen's network is available in most large cities in the UK, with good reviews on their service delivery. Below are the major cities with Zen Internet coverage in the UK:

Aberdeen Bath Barnet Belfast Birmingham Bradford
Brighton Bristol Cambridge Canterbury Cardiff Carlisle
Chelmsford Croydon Chester Coventry Derby Dundee
Durham Ealing Edinburgh Enfield Town Exeter Forest Gate
Glasgow Gloucester Hereford Inverness Kingston upon Hull Lambeth
Leeds Leicester Lincoln Liverpool London Manchester
Newcastle Newport Northampton Norwich Nottingham Oxford
Perth Peterborough Plymouth Portsmouth Preston Reading
Ripon Salford Sandwell Sheffield Southampton Southend-on-Sea
St Albans Stoke-on-Trent Swansea Truro Wakefield Wandsworth
Westminster Wigan Wolverhampton Worcester Writtle York

Check if there is Zen broadband coverage in your area

Zen Internet uses one of the largest networks to provide its services; they are one of the network providers that use the open-reach network. This network is also used by other large internet service providers like BT, Sky, and Talk Talk. Openreach has the largest network in the UK and ensures that up to 99% of the population has access to their network.

Advantages of Zen Internet using Openreach's Network

When it comes to access to Zen's broadband packages, here's Why the openreach Network is an advantage:

  1. Coverage of up to 99% of the UK. This means you can be certain of Zen's availability in your area.
  2. Openreach has many engineers to help with whatever issues you might face during installation.
  3. Since most big networks use the Openreach network, you do not have to replace your connection when switching to Zen. Zen is obligated to handle informing your former provider when you make a switch. Virgin Media is the only major provider not using Openreach's network.
  4. Openreach provides fibre and full fibre coverage, assuring you of fast and reliable internet.

Checking Zen Internet's availability in your area

As a new user to any providers that use the Openreach network, including Zen, you can confirm availability in your area by inputting your postcode in Openreach's status checker.

Zen Internet's Gigabit coverage

Zen Internet has been working to spread the Reach of its gigabit-enabled fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband services. With their ultrafast FTTP broadband packages, users can get upload speeds as high as 100Mb per second and download speeds as high as nine hundred (900mbps) on average.

Zen Internet is currently in partnership with CityFibre to ensure that their Reach with full fibre spreads by the day. Their collaboration with CityFibre means that Zen Internet will continue to offer their gigabit service to more cities by the day.

CityFibre's network connects major cities in the UK like London, Manchester, Leeds, and Birmingham. For residents currently in these cities, you can use your postcode to verify availability in your area.

Who provides Zen's broadband coverage?

Zen Internet is currently in partnership with some of the UK's biggest and most reliable network providers. When you get on board with Zen, you get one of the widest coverage available for internet users. Zen Internet currently partners with two network providers in the UK.

  • ZEN partners with Openreach to provide superfast and ultrafast broadband TO USERS. Openreach has a network that covers a very significant portion of the UK. Their network is the most widely used internet service provider in the UK.
  • Zen also partners with CityFibre to provide their Gigabit service to cities in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zen Internet Coverage

When will Zen's Gigabit service be available in my area?

Zen is working hard to spread its coverage across the UK so that you can be sure of availability soon.

How do I switch to Zen?

Switching to Zen is easy, especially if you are already on the Openreach network. Make the switch, and Zen will handle the rest.

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