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Review of Zen Internet: broadband, phone, and customer support

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Zen broadband review is important to help you decide if you would like to get on board with Zen Internet or not. This article will review Zen Internet, their broadband, and if it's any good. We will also be reviewing their internet and phone packages and their customer service and coverage.

Review of Zen Internet: is it any good?

Zen broadband review looks at the key aspects of Zen Internet, including their broadband and phone services. We will also check out their customer service culture and what to expect. Furthermore, we will review their coverage map and see how well they are spread in the United Kingdom (UK).

Generally, Zen is notable for having great customer service and has received many awards. However, their prices are a bit higher than most competitors in the same field, and they do not offer TV services and some other services availed by competitors.

Zen Internet also offers the EveryRoom service that helps ensure that you have strong internet connectivity in every corner of your home. Their broadband service is, therefore, reliable, not considering other environmental factors.

Review of Zen Internet's broadband

Zen Internet has various broadband packages to suit a variety of users. You can choose packages and speeds suited to your internet needs and the number of users.

Packages and Speeds available

Zen Internet provides the following packages for users:

  1. Fast Broadband: This is the basic package with download speeds of up to ten (10) Megabits per second (Mbps). Suitable for basic browsing.
  2. Superfast Broadband: This is their fibre broadband package and offers two deals with thirty-one (31) Mbps or sixty-four (64) Mbps, depending on your needs. This is suitable for gaming and streaming.
  3. Ultrafast Broadband: Their full fiber offering uses fibre to the premises (FTTP) to provide very fast download speeds that can get up to nine hundred 900 Mbps. This is suitable for heavy gaming and streaming.


Zen Internet's prices are generally higher than other broadband providers. However, Zen broadband comes with a promise of no price increments for the tenure of your contract.


The Zen Internet router is called the FRITZ!Box 7530. This is a great router that supports the guest connection. You can also get the EveryRoom service, a Repeater that boosts your connection in whatever room you are in.


Zen Internet provides a reliable internet connection on average. However, your router efficiency is affected by other environmental factors.

Reviews of Zen internet and phone packages

Zen Internet offers line rental as part of some packages. With Zen, you have the liberty to design your parcel to your preference. This means you can decide what phone packages you can add to your broadband package to suit your needs properly.

Phone Packages on Zen internet

Zen Internet offers four main call packages to users. They are Line Rental, line Rental plus, Calls to Mobiles, and International calls. If you want a complete phone package, consider getting a different one.


You can add a call package to your existing rolling broadband deal at some extra cost starting at £6 a month for the "calls to mobiles" package.

Zen's Customer support reviews

Zen's customer support has been top-notch in service delivery and customer problem resolution. You can see this in the fact that they have received multiple customer service awards.


You can reach Zen's customer support via Phone, Emails, and Live chats with agents via their website. They also have various contact lines depending on your specific issue.


Zen customer support is available from 8 am to 8 pm on Mondays to Fridays and from 9 am to 5 pm on weekends.


Zen's customer service agents have been known to go over and beyond to solve every customer's problems



Zen also offers automatic refunds that do not meet its service delivery promise.

Zen Internet coverage review

Zen Internet uses the Openreach network. Openreach is the largest broadband network in the UK, so that you can be sure of Zen's availability in your area. Moreover, you can use the status checker to know the availability in your area.

Zen's Ultrafast broadband is, however, available to only about 5% of users in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zen Broadband Review

How do I contact Zen Internet?

Contact Zen Internet at 01706 902 573

Can I switch from a different Openreach network to Zen?

Yes, you can. The best part is that Zen handles all the details of your move, including informing your former provider.

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