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What is EE Fibre broadband?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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EE Fibre is a fibre optic broadband that requires an optic cable to run through your home in order to give the household Wi-Fi. This process makes the Internet speed a lot faster than a regular standard EE broadband.

How can I get Fibre Broadband?

Clients must live in an area that offers fibre and the best way to find this out is to check on the EE fibre checker.

If customers don't live in an area with fibre than they can reach out to Openreach for information about fibre being available in their area.

EE fibre broadband covers 90% of the UK so there is a good chance that clients will have access to fibre.

An engineer is required to set up the fibre only if the customer needs a new line, however, if your house already has a line then it can be done remotely without an engineer being there physically.

What are the benefits of EE Fibre broadband?

The best advantage clients get from a fibre broadband deal is that it offers more speed than your average broadband.

Fibre broadband offers a more reliable connection than a standard broadband deal.

EE fibre customers will experience almost no video buffering and if there are multiple devices operating at the same time the quality of the Wi-Fi will remain up to standard.

What is wrong with EE Fibre Broadband?

The fact that optic fibre isn't available all over the UK makes it a problem because some clients won't have access to fast and reliable Internet.

Like any other product on the market there is always competition such as Virgin Media that offer a faster fibre broadband.

Customers will have to settle for an 18month contract so clients who don't want a lengthy contract broadband deal will not benefit from EE fibre deals.

What are the types of Fibre?

There are four different types of fibre plans; Fibre, Fibre Plus, Fibre Max 145 and Fibre Max 300.

The main difference between all plans is the speed, for example, the Fibre Max 300 will be able to cater to more devices operating at the same time than a standard fibre deal.

However, the faster the fibre broadband speed the more expensive the deal so customers need to make sure that they choose the right plan.

EE Fibre Review

Customers expressed their thoughts about EE fibre broadband on Trustpilot and there were a few negative and positive comments.

However, EE was given a 2 out 5 star rating, which shows there is a lot of room for improvement.

Therefore, in 2020 EE can focus on satisfying more customers by making sure the EE fibre is always performing up to standard.


EE customers should definitely consider upgrading to a fibre broadband deal because it offers more speed and reliable Wi-Fi then the average EE broadband.

Clients with large houses have to upgrade so that the whole family can use their device at the same time without effecting the connection.

However, although the Trustpilot rating is low there are some customers that are happy so people should focus on the positives reviews.

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