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EE focuses on giving their existing EE customers the best EE SIM only deals and hopefully it will attract future EE customers. EE offers some of the best SIM only deals in the United Kingdom with a variety of data plans that will keep EE customers online longer.

EE Mobile SIM only deals

EE SIM only offers some of the best SIM only deals that not only current EE customers can find value from but also new EE customers.

If data is the main reason for a potential client to join EE then EE SIM only deals offers a range of deals that have different amounts of data.

For example, there is a limited time offer for a EE SIM only deal that offers 100GB with unlimited texts and minutes.

This is a great EE SIM only deal for a customer that needs a lot of data they can stay on social media all day to browse social media, stream music and stream movies.

The best part about this EE SIM only deal is that it is affordable for only £27.00 a month EE customer can get this amazing deal.

Another great EE SIM only plan is the EE SIM Plan Unlimited Data Plan because it has unlimited data and in the world we live in now being online longer is ideal.

This plan is only £34.00 a month which is very cheap because it also offers unlimited minutes and texts.

Both EE SIM only deals are very ideal and cheap for current and new EE customers. There are other EE SIM only deals that will give value to EE customers.

Smart SIM 60GB Data
Minimum term: 18 mos. Contract Network: EE
1 Swappable Benefit +More Info.
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The Benefits of EE SIM only deals

The best part about EE SIM only deals are the benefits that come with EE SIM only deals. Most EE SIM only deals are monthly contracts but there are also EE pay as you go options.

For example, a few EE SIM only deals have a swappable benefit included which means that EE customers have the option of picking a swappable benefit.

This could be benefits such as music data pass, video data pass, stream BT Sport on your phone, roam further, Amazon Prime video and gamers data pass.

All these benefits will be applicable to EE customers because the amount of data that our plans offer relate to our society.

For example, a gamers data pass or BT Sport on your phone benefit will suit a EE Smart SIM Unlimited data plan that offers unlimited data for £39.00 a month.

Now EE customers can play games online longer and watch the football on the television without having to worry about not having enough data.

Essential Plan 60GB Data
Minimum term: 18 mos. Contract Network: EE
Time Limited Offer +More Info.
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EE Pay As You Go is the way to go

If monthly deals aren’t your thing then EE also has some very good EE pay as you go deals. The EE pay as you go deals are very cheap for what they have to offer.

For example, a £10.00 data pack offers 6GB of data, 100 minutes and unlimited texts. Another great deal is the £15.00 data pack that offer 15GB of data, 500 minutes and unlimited texts.

Both EE pay as you go deals are very good deals as it gives EE customers enough data to browse on social media or stream music and just the right number of minutes to make calls.

The best part about these EE pay as you go deals is that it offers rollover data, so customers can carry their left-over data to the next month.

£30 20GB Data Pack
Minimum term: 1 mo. Prepaid Network: EE
Triple Data +More Info.
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The future is here with 5G EE SIM Only Plan

EE is already looking forward into the future by having a specific EE SIM only plan that is catered to EE customers who want 5G technology service.

EE offers a plan with 5G connection which means EE SIM only customers will get the best quality of connection, fastest speed of internet and no lagging or slow connection in busy places.

The 5G Smart SIM unlimited data plan £44.00 a month is a EE SIM only deal that all EE customers should really look into purchasing.

Not only will EE customers benefit from the advantages of having a 5G SIM but also the benefits this particular deal offers.

There are three swappable benefits that are included in this deal. A very good deal considering EE customers will receive the best network technology the 5G service.

Smart SIM Unlimited Data Plan
Minimum term: 12 mos. Contract Network: EE
Unlimited Data Plan +More Info.
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EE Phone Deals 5G

Having 5G service is amazing but EE customers must first obtain an EE mobile phone and EE phone deals offer great deals with mobile phones that have 5G technology.

EE phone deals range from all the most popular mobile phone brands. However, the most important deals are the EE phone deals that are capable of having 5G technology.

EE phone deals have the Samsung Not 10+ which is capable of 5G technology, a good deal that 256GB of space and for only £69.00 a month.

However, if a 5G device is not what you want then EE phone deals also have great deals on other phones such as the iPhone.

iPhone 11 is on offer for £45 a month is an example of one of EE amazing phone deals. Depending if EE customers want a 5G phone or not EE phone deals has you covered.

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