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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Gigaclear offers pure fibre broadband service to homes and businesses in rural areas across the UK. It is faster than most competitors, with speeds ranging from 30Mb to 900Mb. Your monthly price with Gigaclear is guaranteed for the length of the minimum contract term. Gigaclear has a free 24 hours a day support line. Customer reports excellent speeds from Gigaclear however communication from the company could be better. The benefits of Gigaclear are outlined below.

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Gigaclear speeds: Benefits of Gigaclear

Gigaclear has numerous beneficial factors such as:

Fast rural internet access – Gigaclear, in comparison with other rural broadbands, has quicker rural internet access and availability.

  1. Unbeatable speeds - The Hyperfast 900 package is as fast as you can get in the UK. Better still, fibre-to-the-home broadband should deliver the advertised speeds.
  2. Very fast upload speeds – The speeds provided are in line with some of the fastest connections available in the UK. With upload speeds that match the download speeds, the service is ideal for sharing a lot of large files, making video calls or meetings.
  3. Smart WiFi mesh network as standard - On faster products the first node in a mesh network that will cover weak WiFi signal spots in your home is provided for free, with an easy upgrade path to adding two more nodes to the Smart WiFi network as needed.
  4. Guaranteed price - Your monthly price is guaranteed for the length of the 18 month minimum contract term.
  5. Standalone broadband - The Gigaclear service doesn't use a phone line.
  6. Unlimited access - All of Gigaclear's broadband packages come with no limits on the amount of data you can download.
  7. Free tech support - Free customer support is available by phone 24 hours a day.
  8. Highly rated - Gigaclear are a highly rated broadband provider. They rank best for speed, and in the top three for satisfaction, service and reliability.

Can I get Gigaclear in my area?

Gigaclear are a rural broadband provider. The service currently covers around 65,000 premises across a dozen counties, with funding to expand across other parts of the UK in future. Their target is to be available to more than 300,000 homes by the end of 2021.

Gigaclear is a fibre-to-the-home network. This is different to most fibre offerings in the UK. The fibre cables run directly into your property and can lead to a much faster and more reliable service.

Most fibre providers in the UK use fibre-to-the-cabinet. Here, the fibre connection runs as far as your nearest street cabinet, and a copper cable is used from there to your home. This can result in you achieving far less than the advertised speeds, especially if you live a long way from the street cabinet.

If you want to find out if Gigaclear is available in your village, you can visit their website and use the postcode checker. If it isn't you can register your interest via the Gigaclear website. However, for the service to be considered for installation in your area it will need significant interest from the rest of your community, and you'll need to be within 3km of existing fibre infrastructure or another village that already has access to Gigaclear.

Which packages are available?

Every package provided by Gigaclear uses a full-fibre network, which means speeds are very impressive.

Currently, there are four fibre packages available with speeds of 30Mbps, 100Mbps, 300Mbps and an extremely fast 900Mbps. In addition, if you would like to increase speeds and flexibility within your home it is possible to add nodes through extensions which increase coverage and performance.

The main difference between the four fibre broadband options is the speeds they offer and the addition of Smart WiFi on the two fastest tiers.

The packages are:

  • Superfast 30 - unlimited fibre broadband with download and upload speeds averaging at 30Mb
  • Ultrafast 100 - unlimited fibre broadband with download and upload speeds averaging at 100Mb
  • Ultrafast 300 with Smart WiFi - unlimited fibre broadband with download and upload speeds averaging at 300Mb
  • Hyperfast 900 with Smart WiFi - the fastest package offers an unlimited service, with upload and download speeds averaging at 900Mb

All the packages are on a minimum 18-month contract with a guarantee that the price will not rise during that period. There is an activation fee, and 5% of customers will have to pay £120 installation, subject to a no obligation survey. Because installation for fibre-to-the-home services is more complex, these fees are somewhat higher than you'd normally expect to pay.

Smart WiFi is provided as standard on the faster products, this gives you an additional WiFi node to extend your network coverage to the furthest parts of a house, you also have the option to pay extra to add additional nodes, up to 3 total in addition to the router, so that larger homes may also benefit. The Smart WiFi technology produces a mesh network, meaning that regardless of whether you connect to the router or a node, the same password and network ID are used, so you can easily move around the home without needing to re-connect to a different access point.

If you prefer to combine your broadband and phone into a single bundle you can add a voice over IP (VOIP) calls deal from Vonage. This uses your internet connection to make and receive calls, but you can usually keep your existing phone number. The main downside to a VOIP service is that it won't work if your internet is down, including if there's a power cut.

Gigaclear’s high quality, full fibre broadband solution means a fast, reliable connection to your home so you can work flexibly and get the latest entertainment which is especially important for today’s circumstances.

Their service is cheaper, more reliable and quicker than most rural broadband options such as 4G and satellite broadband.

Gigaclear has fast rural access and unbeatable speeds alongside a guaranteed price and four excellent broadband package options.

The availability is limited depending on your area, but it is easy to check if Gigaclear is available to you via their website.

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