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Take a speed test on Gigaclear: how fast is this provider’s WiFi?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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The gigaclear speed test is uncomplicated and easy to do. Confused about how to test the speed test of your devices? You are on the right track to getting clarity. In this article, you'll learn how to take a speed test on the gigaclear website. And an understanding of what the test means.

How to take a speed test on Gigaclear

Click the big icon in the middle of the screen. After the test is complete, it will display your current download and upload speeds.

Make sure the only device connected to your network is the one you use to do the test before you begin. Turn off the WiFi on all your other devices, including your mobile phone, laptop, game console, etc. The test should be done using an Ethernet cable connected to your computer and router for the most accurate results.

What does your Gigaclear speed test mean

Your gigaclear broadband speed test helps to quantify the strength of your internet speed. It will help you determine if you need to upgrade to a better speed. The gigaclear speed test is categorised into upload, download, ping and jitters.

Your upload and download Z (Megabits per second). Pings, or data packets, are sent from your computer or smartphone to a test server to conduct the test. During the test, jitters and pings are measured and recorded in ms (milliseconds). The time it takes for your device to reply to the data request is measured in pings, also known as latency. Jitters are the degree of ping rate variation over a predetermined period.

The ideal gigaclear speed check is not lacking in any of the following:

  • Upload and download rates of 35 to 300+ Mbps. Less than 100-millisecond pings. Any higher than this, your connection won't respond as quickly as it should.
  • Less than 30 ms of jitter. Higher than this indicates that your connection may experience buffering issues when using a lot of data.

For a better understanding of the speed test, each category has been explained below.


The ping calculates the reaction time of your connection or how quickly you get a response after sending a request.

Download Speed

How quickly data is delivered to you from the server depends on the download speed. Since downloads make up most internet activity, including loading web pages and streaming movies, most connections are designed to download much faster than they publish. The unit of measurement for download speed is megabits per second (Mbps).

Upload Speed

The rate you send data to other individuals is the upload speed. While sending huge files over email or using video chat to engage with others online, uploading is necessary (since you have to send your video feed to them). Upload speed is gauged in megabits per second (Mbps).

Bad results on your Gigaclear speed test? Upgrade your package

A bad speed test result depends on your internet usage. According to the Federal Communications Commission(FCC), a good internet speed is at or above 25 Mbps.

Today, a good internet connection requires far more speed than 25 Mbps. If the result of your speed test comes out bad, you can upgrade to a better one. It is important to know that a bad speed test looks different for each of us because it will aid you in choosing the package that fits you and yours.

To upgrade your package, visit the . On the website, you'll have access to choose any four-speed packages available. To choose a package of your choice, click on Select package, enter your postcode, and you are good to go from there. For further clarification on the upgrade, call the gigaclear customer care line at 03708637606.

What speed does Gigaclear offer

There are presently four broadband-speed gigaclear offers. Below is a table to demonstrate the different packages with their price.

Speed Price
Superfast 200 with a speed of 200 Mbpsavg upload/download speed £17 a month within the 18-month minimum term and after which you pay the price of £40/month.
Ultrafast 300 with a speed of 300 Mbpsavg upload/download speed Ω within the 18-month minimum term, and then £44 a month follows.
Ultrafast 600 with a speed of 600 Mbpsavg upload/download speed £26 a month within the 18-month minimum term and then £59 a month after that.
Hyperfast 900 with a speed of 830 Mbpsavg upload/download speed £49 a month within an 18-month minimum term, and then £79 a month follows.
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