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Internet en Marrakech: opciones y recomendaciones | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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In short

Using a Marrakech SIM card is very useful while travelling around the city to be able to talk to family and friends, find your way to your accommodation, book transport or cancel an excursion. Other options available to stay connected are: eSIM card, portable wifi and public wifi.

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Marrakech SIM card and all the alternatives to have internet in the Red City

In our daily lives we use the internet all the time and to look up any questions that may arise at any given moment. Therefore, using internet in Marrakech while discovering the city is useful to stay connected with friends and family or to find out how to get somewhere on the map and not get lost.

But the SIM card is not the only option available for internet. You can sign up for an eSIM Marrakech, a SIM card Marrakech, use the free networks you find around the city or use the portable wifi.

When you travel to Marrakech you should know that it does not have free roaming, so the option of using the usual tariff is not the one we recommend. The companies usually apply some basic rates and it is not usually cheap.

Vodafone UK services
O2 UK services
Giffgaff UK services

Here we leave you a table so that you can find out about all the options available and, depending on the trip you are considering, choose the option that best suits the needs you are looking for:

Internet cost in Marrakech
Service Cost/Days Data
eSIM Marrakech
  • From £27/5 days
  • 2,5Gb
SIM Card Marrakech
  • from £14/30 days
  • 10Gb
Wifi in Marrakech
  • Portable
  • Public

  • From £5,9/day
  • Free

  • 500MB/day
  • Unlimited
Roaming in Marrakech
  • O2
  • Three Mobile
  • Vodafone

  • £7,20
  • £6
  • £6

  • 1MB
  • 1MB
  • 1MB

Get an eSIM to travel to Marrakech

One of the options available for internet in Marrakech is the eSIM card. This is a modern card that is installed thanks to a chip in the mobile phone and does not require a physical card.

Find out about the advantages of eSIM

One of the options we recommend if you want to use the Marrakech eSIM to make sure you don't miss a thing in the red city is the Holalfy eSIM card. It uses the Orange Morocco and Wana Maroc networks so you can surf at 4G speed throughout your trip.

eSim Morocco
Prepaid: 5 days expiry
Data 2.5 GB

Connection speed 4G
Pay as you go£245 days expiry
taxes included

Depending on the length of the trip or the amount of data you want to have to connect to the internet, Holafly has various rates to suit different types of trips.

eSIM Holafly Marrakech: all plans
Plan Cost Gigas
5 days £27 2,5Gb
7 days £34 3,5Gb
10 days £37 5Gb
15 days £47 7,5Gb

Signing up for this tariff is very easy and with a few simple steps you can use it the moment you buy it. This way you will never run out of internet connection. Activate the Holafly eSIM card by following these steps:

  1. Select the days you want to have internet Choose and buy the tariff.
  2. Read the QR code Scan the QR code you receive in your email when you buy it.
  3. Install the data plan With a few simple on-screen prompts, install the data plan.
  4. Activate the eSIM And enjoy the trip.

Once the data plan is installed you can enjoy sending photos and video to family and friends, not getting lost in the city or looking up any questions that arise at the moment. Enjoy your trip without worries as you can count on 24-hour assistance.

Do not worry about searching for an internet connection and sign up for Holalfy eSIM.

Enjoy internet with the Marrakech SIM card

The eSIM cards are not compatible with all smartphones. So if you find yourself in the situation where you cannot use the eSIM, don't worry, you don't need to change your mobile phone, you can use the Marrakech SIM card.

This type of prepaid card is compatible with all mobile phones and works in the same way as the card you normally use in your device. Just choose the size of card you need: nanoSIM, microSIM or miniSIM.

Buying these cards is very easy. You can buy them online before arriving in Marrakech or you can buy them at the airport or in one of the shops of the companies operating in the city. The leading companies are:

  • Meditel
  • Wana
  • Maroc Telecom

Some of the plans and prices you can find for prepaid SIM cards in Marrakech are:

Marrakech Data SIM Card Plans
Plan Cost Gigas
30 days £3,5 2GB
30 days £8 15GB
30 days £13 16GB

As you can see, obtaining a Marrakech SIM card is quite simple and in almost all points of sale, if you ask for it, they will let you install the card so that you can enjoy the benefits it offers.

It is important that you check that the money topped up on your mobile is the same as the money you have paid for. To do this you only have to dial the code that each company gives with the SIM card.

Wifi connection in Marrakech

The last option available is the one that first comes to mind when we are looking for internet connection, yes that one, the wifi. Within this option we offer two choices available so that you can enjoy the internet during your trip in Marrakech.

  • Wifi pocket: is a portable wifi that offers a secure connection and can be carried around the city.
  • Wifi free: are free points that you can find around the city.

Connecting to internet with portable wifi in Marrakech

The portable wifi comes with a mini router and a data plan that allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. It can be carried anywhere so you can enjoy the internet while you are out and about in the city.

The main advantage of this device is the security it offers. It has a private password that you only have to share with the people you want to connect to it. This way you can enjoy a fast and drop-free connection on multiple devices.

One of the issues you should be aware of is that this device is hired on a rental basis, so it must be returned to the company at the end of the contract. If you lose it or damage it, the companies may apply a surcharge.

Wifi free Marrakech

Finding free hotspots in Marrakech is relatively easy. You can connect to the internet in cafés, squares or libraries. This type of connection is often quite slow and can drop, but it's the cheapest option, it may only cost you for the coffee, for getting online in Marrakech.

What may at first seem like a great option can turn into a nightmare. These networks have no security against cyber-attacks so you leave your devices open to hacking.

Hotels are another place where you can connect to internet. They are usually password-protected, but if you are staying in the establishment you can connect without any problems, as they usually provide the password.

Marrakech on roaming

Marrakech is a city that does not have free roaming, so if you use the tariff on a regular basis you should know that it will not be cheap. We recommend that you choose one of the above options such as: eSIM card, SIM card or portable wifi.

Save by signing up for Holalfy eSIM

The companies apply basic tariffs, but you should check when you sign the contract with the company, as after Brexit there were changes in the roaming prices offered by the companies.

What happens to roaming after BREXIT?

Internet speed in Marrakech

Telecommunications infrastructure is well developed in Marrakech. Even so, the average download speed is not the best you can find, at 17.55Mbit per second (1) .

If you walk around the centre of Marrakech you are likely to find 4G or even 5G speed, but if you move away from the central areas or take a trip into the desert the speed is still reduced.

Advantages of internet acess in Marrakech

Having internet on your mobile phone has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is therefore just as important to be able to access the internet when we travel. Some of the advantages it offers are:

  • Talk to family and friends to tell them how the trip is progressing and show photos of the wonders of the red city, a video of the visit to the souk or the Majorelle gardens.
  • If you travel for work, being connected to email or being able to attend meetings is a must.
  • Find on the map how to get to the hotel or the fastest way to get to the meeting point of the excursion and not get lost.
  • Book, cancel or consult a reservation, desert excursion or order a taxi to the airport.

Travel tips for Marrakech

Known as the Red City because of the colour of its beautiful red ochre houses. In Marrakech you can wander the labyrinthine streets of the souk, explore the desert or visit the Jamaa el Fna square.

When taking pictures be careful with people. As a rule, they don't like you to take pictures of them and it is absolutely forbidden to law enforcement officers. So if it is essential that you take a photo, ask beforehand.

It's best to book your airport-hotel transfer in advance to avoid paying an exorbitant price, especially if you don't know how to haggle. This way you have a fixed price and avoid surprises.

The best option if you want to have internet in Marrakech and enjoy your trip is to contract a Marrakech SIM card, an eSIM or the portable wifi.

Enjoy your trip by contracting Holalfy eSIM with a 5% discount.

Frequently asked questions about the internet in Marrakech

How to get internet in Marrakech?

For getting internet in Marrakech, it is best to use a SIM Card, a eSIM Card, Pocket Wifi or Public Wifi.

Where to buy SIM Card in Marrakech?

Meditel, Wana and Maroc Telecom are the major providers operating in Marrakech. Telecom has the best coverage in all parts of the city.

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