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Holafly vs Ubigi: compare their eSIM with internet for travel | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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Do you go on holiday?Do you travel a lot for work? If you're thinking of signing up for an international data eSIM, this comparison between Holafly and Ubigi will help you to find out who has the best deal and what we recommend. A sneak advance: some Holafly eSIMs are unlimited and you can sign up for them with a 5% discount.

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Ubigi vs Holafly: comparison of their eSIMs

Before comparing Ubigi's and Holafly's offerings, let's briefly explain what an eSIM is. Until not so long ago, this technology was a complete unknown, but according to the GSMA, by 2025, 35% of all smartphone network connections will be made using eSIM (1) , a virtual card that allows different data plans to be activated on a mobile device without the need to insert a SIM card.

Everything about eSIM card

The eSIM is becoming increasingly popular among travellers and people who regularly travel abroad for business. This is because international eSIM is a cheap alternative to roaming. In addition, it offers security compared to a physical SIM card, can be easily purchased online and is activated by scanning a QR code.

You probably already know all this and your question is the next: is Holafly's eSIM better or Ubigi's? That's why we've put together this comparison of coverage, price and reviews of both brands. Before we go into detail, take a peek at this table:

Ubigi vs Holafly: eSIM comparison
Service Ubigi Holafly
Coverage More than 190 destinations More than 190 destinations
Technical service Yes Yes
Language English English, Spanish, German y French
Unlimited data No Yes
Purchase Internet with registration Internet without registration
Compatibility Free devices Free devices

Although Holafly and Ubigi's offerings are similar, there are differences between the two companies. For us, the most striking is that Holafly has unlimited data plans for the most popular destinations, which is an advantage and, in many cases, the feature that makes customers choose this option over Ubigi.

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Is Holafly's eSIM cheaper than Ubigi's?

In order to compare Ubigi and Holafly rates we have selected the most popular destinations. However, if you want to know exactly how much their eSIMs will cost you for a particular destination, you will have to do the comparative analysis yourself.

In our case, we have looked at the price of Holafly and Ubigi's prepaid eSIMs for travelling to the United States, one of the most visited countries, both by tourists and by people who decide to become digital nomads.

Ubigi vs Holafly: price
Product Data Plan Validity Pricing
Holafly USA
  • Unlimited
  • 5 days
  • 10 days
  • 15 days
  • 20 days
  • 30 days
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • £19
  • £29
  • £44
  • £49
  • £59
  • £77
  • £87
Ubigi USA
  • 500MB
  • 3GB
  • 5GB/month
  • 10GB
  • 20GB/month
  • 24GB (2GB/month)
  • 50GB
  • 200GB
  • 1 day
  • 30 days
  • Unlimited
  • 30 days
  • Unlimited
  • 12 months
  • 30 days
  • 30 days
  • £2,5
  • £10
  • £10
  • £22
  • £26
  • £59
  • £78
  • £169

As we have already told you, with Holafly you will have unlimited data on many of its eSIMs, including all the ones that will allow you to have internet in the US. In our opinion, this is a great advantage because you will be able to use your mobile data connection without worrying about consumption.

Holafly also sells unlimited virtual SIM cards for countries such as Japan, Turkey, Mexico or Thailand, among many others. And the best thing is that by entering the code ROAMS you will be able to purchase your eSIM with a 5% discount.

Is Holafly's coverage better than Ubigi's?

Holafly and Ubigi offer very similar coverage. Both market cards for almost 200 destinations and classify their products under the same criteria, so that in their catalogue you will find eSIMs by country, regional data plans and virtual SIMs with global internet.

Both brands have made efforts to reach agreements with the main operators in the destinations for which they sell eSIMs and, as a result, their signal and connection stability is generally good.

However, it is worth noting that Ubigi has introduced 5G in 28 of its destinations, while with Holafly the connection will be 3G and 4G+. But note that there are many areas of the world where 5G technology is not yet available.

How Ubigi vs Holafly works

The first difference in how Holafly vs Ubigi works is in the purchase process:

  • To purchase an eSIM with Ubigi you will have to register and download their mobile app to select the data plan that suits you best.
  • Holafly's eSIM is purchased from the company's online shop and you don't need to register first.

When it comes to activation, there are also some differences from one company to another:

  • With Ubigi you will have to create your free eSIM profile and then add a data plan from the app.
  • With Holafly, simply scan the QR code that will be sent to your email along with simple instructions.

Finally, the differences between the Holafly and Ubigi mobile apps are as follows:

  • The Holafly app is available for iOS and, soon, it will be available for Android. You can't use it to extend your plan, but you may not need it either since many of its eSIMs are unlimited.
  • The Ubigi app, on the other hand, will help you expand your data plan or hire a new eSIM, among other utilities

Holafly and Ubigi: opinions

We know that knowing other people's experiences can help you make a decision when it comes to choosing between two products. We, however, recommend that you always take this type of feedback with caution.

Also, what happens when reviews on both products are similar as with Holafly and Ubigi? From Roams we invite you to always consult the opinion of professionals. For example, after performing the analysis you have just read, we can tell you that both brands are a good option if you want to save without having to give up the internet connection abroad.

Our expert opinion

However, taking into account that our dependence on mobile data is increasing and that having this service gives us security and peace of mind, in Roams we are left with Holafly, which offers unlimited data in many of its rates.

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Roams UK

As an exception, we would choose Ubigi over Holafly if our device was not compatible with the eSIM, since this company also has physical SIM cards in its catalog. They are sold through Transatel, the conglomerate to which Ubigi belongs.

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Frenquently Asked Questions Holafly vs Ubigi

Can Ubigi and Holafly eSIM data be shared?

Yes, you can create a Wi-Fi network to share your international data plan with other devices, except with Holafly's unlimited data rates.

Can Holafly and Ubigi eSIMs be used on any device?

No, Holafly and Ubigi eSIMs can only be used on devices that support this technology. Some brands that sell devices with eSIM are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.

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