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Does iD mobile allow tethering?

Does iD mobile allow tethering?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Good news for all current and potential customers as they are now able to tether their iD mobile plans to other devices. This process took a long time but now ID mobile is able to compete with other mobile network providers in the United Kingdom.

What is tethering?

Basically, tethering consists on using your mobile data as a Wi-Fi hotspot so other devices can connect to it.

As an acting Wi-Fi modem, unfortunately, this will use up your data a lot faster. If you are playing games on a laptop or streaming videos or browsing it will eat up your monthly data quick.

This can be very costly for customers, so only use tethering when it is necessary and save on your monthly data allowance.

How to manage data tethering?

The last thing any customer wants to do is to finish their data before the end of the 30day contract, so here are some tips for you to manage your data consumption.

The first is to log into your iD mobile app or the My Account Online through the iD mobile website. By doing this, customers will be able to keep an eye on their data and see how much is being used and manage their balance.

Another tip is to set up a spending cap, so you don't use up more that what your allowance can afford and this will allow you to not end up with a hefty bill at the end of the month.

How do I set up Tethering

Setting up iD mobile tethering is easy, however, it depends on the type of mobile phone customers have.

For example, if your mobile phone doesn't have the function of tethering, it does not matter what carrier you are with, you won't be able to turn on tethering.

If your smartphone has tethering, then clients can switch it on through their phone settings under the heading Tethering or Hotspot. All mobiles are different, so it depends on the brand of the phone.

If you do not find it under Tethering or Hotspot, then check the phone manual or ask Google. The iD Community is a helpful tool for all customers who need information about all of iD mobile services.

Does iD mobile Tethering include EU Roaming?

For customers who want to travel around Europe and use their tethering, they should know that they will not have any official technical support from iD mobile when travelling abroad in case something goes wrong or it's not working. However, this should not stop customers from tethering outside the UK.

If you do have plans to roam around the EU, then make sure to check your iD mobile app or 'My Account' to stay on top of your balance as tethering uses up data really fast.

iD mobile deals that is good for tethering

Customers will quickly find out how fast tethering eats up their data, so it is important that clients get the plans with the most data.

For example, there are two plans that will be perfect for members who want to use their mobile deals for tethering: the 100GB for the price of 50GB and the Unlimited minutes and Unlimited Data deals.

Tethering is not a good idea in the long run, as it takes up too much of your data, but ID mobile clients who want to use a hotspot for other devices or their friends and family members should look at other providers that offer mobile broadband deals that can connect up to 20 devices at once.

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