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John Lewis Broadband deals: all fibre and landline packages

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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John Lewis broadband deals provide simple bundles and straightforward pricing with no hidden fees. This article discusses the deals on John Lewis and all the packages and call plans available from this provider.

Best deals on John Lewis Broadband

On 12-month contracts, John Lewis, offers three broadband deals, including two fibre alternatives. Line rental and a home phone line with evening and weekend calls are included in all plans.

The following are the specifics of their packages:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Go Unlimited + Evening & Weekend calls 10Mb average £25 Free 12 months
Go Fibre + Evening & Weekend calls 36Mb average £25 Free 12 months
Go Fibre Extra + Evening & Weekend calls 66Mb average £28 Free 12 months

Phone and broadband packages on John Lewis Broadband.

John Lewis provides broadband and home phone services with a variety of alternatives to select from.

Your broadband options are as follows:

  • Unlimited - standard ADSL broadband, with average download speeds of 10Mb
  • Fibre - superfast fibre-optic broadband, average speeds of 36Mb
  • Fibre Extra - even faster fibre optic broadband, with an average speed of 66Mb

*All of them come with unlimited downloads and a free email address.

Remember that John Lewis Broadband handles online traffic. That means you'll always have a solid connection, and things like VoIP and gaming are prioritised, although certain jobs may experience reduced speeds during busy times.

Choose a phone plan to go with your broadband once you've decided on it:

  • Evening and Weekend - the standard line rental choice included in a John Lewis package, which gives you inclusive calls to UK landlines at evenings and weekends
  • Anytime - includes anytime calls to UK landlines
  • Anytime and International - includes anytime UK calls, along with 300 monthly minutes to 35 international destinations
  • Mobile bolt-on - add this to an Anytime or Anytime and International package, and you’ll get inclusive anytime calls to mobile numbers too

'Evening' refers to 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., and all-inclusive calls are limited to 60 minutes - so remember to hang up when you reach the 59-minute mark and call back again.

International calls to 35 major destinations worldwide, including Australia, Ireland, France, the United States, and, for some reason, Christmas Island.

All packages provide some Z (voicemail, caller display, and 1471) with the opportunity to upgrade to additional for a cost, such as anonymous call refuse, call waiting, call diversion, and so on. You can even choose a few to bundle together to save money.

Landline packages on John Lewis Broadband

One unique advantage of John Lewis broadband is that all of their offers include free evening and weekend calls.

This is in contrast to most other providers, who have dropped free calls as a baseline feature in favour of a plan that prioritises add-ons over inclusive calls.

John Lewis' evening and weekend hours are from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers are all free.

The following are the available call plans:

Add-on Includes Monthly price
Anytime Anytime calls to UK landlines + 25% discount to 35 top countries £6
Anytime and International Anytime calls to UK landlines + 300 minutes to top 35 countries + 25% discount on any further minutes to those countries £8
Mobile bolt-on (only available with Anytime or Anytime International) Extends anytime minutes to UK mobiles £5

In comparison to many other providers, which typically recognise that calls to mobiles are important to most homes, the pricing strategy appears out of date.

How to get a broadband deal on John Lewis Broadband

To get a deal on John Lewis Broadband, you have to create an account, sign up and purchase a package. This is what qualifies you to get a broadband deal.

Frequently asked questions about the deals on John Lewis Broadband

Will the price of my John Lewis Broadband increase mid-contract?

No. The price of your broadband will not increase mid-contract.

Is the broadband from John Lewis unlimited?

Yes, unlimited downloads are included as standard

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