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Last update: October 4, 2023
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Origin Broadband is a relatively new provider offering budget options. How does their customer service stand up to the test?

How good is Origins Customer Service?

Origin Customers get 24/7 Freephone support from the Yorkshire based team. Origin have a great rating on many review websites, such as a 4.0 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Customers are generally happy with the customer service options offered.

Customers also get access to the ‘Customer Portal’ on Origin’s website. This allows you to search a range of help topics and get information about your bill including call charges.

How can I contact Origin’s customer service?

You can call Origin customer service on 0330 024 1777. There are live chat options and FAQs on the Origin website too.

If you need to contact Origin Broadband in writing, their address is:

Origin BroadbandOld Town HallRotherhamS60 1QX

FAQS and Troubleshooting

How can I connect via Ethernet?

If you are having trouble using wireless connections, an ethernet cable is the way to go.

Unlike wireless signals, ethernet cable connections cannot be blocked or have issues due to interference.

To connect your devices to your router, plug the ethernet cable from your device’s ethernet port into one of the yellow LAN ports on the back of the router. Ask the provider when ordering your router if there is an ethernet cable included. Usually there is! After plugging it in, you should be connected to the network

How can I test my speeds?

Origin recommends that you download a speed test app to see what your current speeds are. Location may affect this. Origin offer boosters to those who wish to speed up their internet.

How can I connect to a wireless network?

  1. Firstly, you need to find the network name and password, which are either on the back of your router or on the box that came with it. To connect to your wireless router, you will need to know your wireless network name and password. These will be printed on a card or sticker supplied with your router.
  2. Plug in and switch on your router. Once it is on and lit up, click the network icon on your laptop, phone or tablet.
  3. Available networks will appear. Find your router's name and click 'connect'.
  4. You will be prompted for the security key (password). This is the wireless key we saw earlier on the back of your router or in the box. Make sure to enter the exact password, copying the capslock and number sequence exactly.

You should now be connected to your wireless network! If you encounter any issues, you should look at Origin’s connection FAQS.

Can I complain about Origin Broadband?

You can follow these steps to complain about or to Origin broadband.

  1. Contact Origin Broadband directly and voice your concerns. Provide evidence in the form of screenshots, receipts or bills. Usually customer support calls are recorded so you can ask them for the recordings of your previous calls where you attempted to resolve the issue. Ask when they will resolve the issue, and remind them of this deadline.
  2. Request an escalation if they do not resolve your complaint in the time frame they gave you. Ask to speak to a manager.
  3. If the situation remains the same after eight weeks, or if you do not get a deadlock letter in the post, you should contact the Ombudsman.
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