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Origin Broadband availability: Can I use it?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Origin Broadband availability has pleasantly increased over the years and has become one of the UK's largest LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) networks. In this article, we will look at how you can check if Origin Broadband is in your area and their general availability in the UK and roll-out plans (if any).

How to check the availability of Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband has a large presence in the region of Yorkshire and Humberside. Additionally, Origin Broadband internet speed tests have been recorded in 95 towns and cities, meaning they've got coverage in Wakefield, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Doncaster, and Hillingdon. The table below shows several large cities in the UK which have Origin Broadband coverage.

City Maximum Speed Typical Speed
Trafford 55.8 Mbps 3.05-49.95 Mbps
Norwich 32.76 Mbps 0-17.88 Mbps
Portsmouth 93.43 Mbps 85.37-93.89 Mbps
Hillingdon 73.05 Mbps 6.61-62.13 Mbps
Derby 62.35Mbps 52.68-53.02b Mbps
Rotherham 906.11 Mbps 27.01-66.38 Mbps
Doncaster 69.88 Mbps 12.72-53.06 Mbps

For more information on how to check Origin Broadband's availability in your area, visit the Origin broadband portal.

Origin Broadband availability in the UK

Origin broadband coverage has continued to increase over time, becoming one of the best medium-sized broadband service providers. Consult the table above to check towns with Origin Broadband coverage in the UK.

Future availability of Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband now owns and operates one of the largest LLU networks in the UK, having planned an initial 41 exchange project in 2023.

The network provides various services to business and residential customers directly. Origin Broadband also connects to partner networks to provide services across the country through LLU. The exchange presence of Origin is expected to grow quickly into more towns and cities over the next few years.

What network does origin Broadband use

Origin broadband uses private fibre to connect eligible homes in the UK. When you subscribe to origin broadband, your subscription will cover line rental for broadband services.

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