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Problems on Pop telecom: how to report and solve internet faults

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Last update: September 28, 2023
María Pando
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Pop Telecom problems may be encountered by users from time to time. These problems may vary from internet downtime to phone and landline problems. In this article, we will explain to you how to connect to Pop Telecom and how to report or solve your problems or questions about the internet or phone on Pop telecom.

Problems with Pop telecom: how to solve your faults

Is your broadband slower than normal and buffering? Is your regular landline having trouble? Whether you're having issues with your landline or broadband, our team at POP Telecom can get you reconnected and up and running as soon as possible.

When Pop Telecom goes down, it is the company's responsibility to make sure your broadband and landline services are operational. If you experience Pop Telecom internet problems, they will make sure it is entirely addressed, keep you updated on the situation as it is being resolved, and make sure your fault is fully fixed.

Both customer and technical support teams are headquartered in the UK to make life as easy as possible for consumers, so you'll benefit from clear communication to rapidly assess and solve any problem.

You could still be able to connect while you're waiting for your engineer's appointment or for your fault to be remedied. For assistance, get in touch with support specialists.

Problems with the internet on Pop telecom

No service provider can guarantee a service with no chance of errors; however, at POP Telecom, they recognize how annoying it is when your connections are disrupted or inexplicably slow down. In order to aid you with any POP telecom landline failures and broadband troubles you might be experiencing, we have put together this useful information.

There are several reasons that can cause you to experience problems with Pop Telecom Problem. Here are a few of the possible reasons for Pop Telecom internet problems and how to resolve them.

Locating a problem with your service

Sometimes, small adjustments to your living or working space can affect the speed of your broadband connection. When your service suddenly seems slower or less dependable, consider when you first noticed the decline in broadband performance and whether you've recently made any changes.

Your Wiring

Changing your wiring or adding a telephone extension wire can occasionally slow you down. Use a high-quality product and the lowest lead length possible to prevent this problem. Long lines might slow down your service, especially if they are coiled up or knotted.


In most circumstances, you should be using microfilters if you're not already. These little, priceless white boxes should be plugged into each of your plug sockets to separate the phone and broadband signals, so they don't conflict and continue to function normally.

Your router

Where do you keep your router? For a stronger signal, raise it off the ground if it's on a shelf or table. Is a window nearby? In order to ensure a strong signal in all directions, routers should be placed as near as possible to the centre of the area you require wifi in. The ideal distance between your computer and router is as short as possible; this includes walls and partitions.

Other electrical devices

Have any new electrical devices been added? It has been reported that several appliances, including TVs, AC power connections, PC speakers, and even fairy lights, might interfere with routers. Place your router as far away from other devices as you can, including wireless ones like phones and baby monitors.

How to know if Pop telecom is down

Your broadband connection may be impacted by a wide range of factors. Faulty wiring is the most frequent cause of a dropped broadband connection. The effectiveness of your service through your microfilter may also be a factor, or there may be problems between your house and the local exchange.

Throughout the UK, there are thousands of local exchanges. Every home in the area is connected to them via telephone and internet lines, so if there is ever a problem with them, it might disrupt the connection to all nearby homes.

Excessive internet use in your home might also contribute to this issue by putting additional demand on your connection. However, this issue has become more pressing due to improved internet provider technologies. There are several websites where users can check if there is a general issue with the service provider whenever Pop Telecom internet is not working. To check if Pop Telecom is down, input your postcode in the spaces provided on the appropriate website.

Report a fault to Pop telecom

The customer care staff at POP Telecom is well-equipped to address any issues or system disruptions you may encounter. Contact the customer care helpdesk at 0343-538-6611 for technical concerns such as signal or service outages.

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