What offers Pop Telecom?

What offers Pop Telecom?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Pop Telecom are not a well-known name in the broadband game. However, they are a family-owned business who have been trading for more than 20 years! The most important question is how does it fare against its rivals in 2021?

Similarly to other budget providers, the company offers a standard ADSL service to its broadband customers, as well as two fibre options Pop Telecom's mission is to provide low-cost, straightforward phone and broadband deals, and maintain its high levels of customer service. The company also highlights its rural coverage. But do its claims check out? Let's see what Pop Telecom really has to offer its broadband and fibre customers.

Pop Telecom Deals

Pop Telecom currently offers a standard ADSL broadband service, as well as two fibre optic plans. Its deals are available on 18-month contracts featuring a fixed monthly price, with a rolling 30-day no contract option also available on ADSL as of January 2021.

Here's a description of each package:

POP Telecom standard broadband (ADSL)

POP's most basic package is an affordable standard broadband service distributed over traditional phone lines, which doesn't come with any extra charges or extra features. If your household only has one or two people and you simply want to browse the internet and watch Netflix, this would be perfect.  

POP Telecom Fibre Advanced broadband

POP Telecom's superfast fibre optic broadband comes with two download speed options. The 38Mbps Superfast Fibre Advanced plan is ideal for streaming and downloading video content or connecting multiple devices in the home, while the 45Mbps Superfast Fast Fibre is £1 a month cheaper, if your line can handle the faster speed.

POP Telecom Fibre Infinity broadband 

The third option also falls into the superfast category, with speeds up to 67Mbps on average. The Superfast Fibre Infinity broadband is Pop Telecom's premium offering, and it's a good fit for busier households with many family members using the internet. It's also suitable for online gaming or uploading larger files – domestic internet connections are always biased towards downloads rather than uploads, and the latter can be slow.

All packages come with unlimited downloads and fixed prices for the duration of your contract. 

Pop Telecom Coverage

Pop Telecom uses the Openreach network, which covers over 95 per cent of households as the UK's biggest fixed telephone line and fibre broadband network. If you can get a BT or Sky line in your area, you can get a Pop Telecom package.

Pop Telecom Contract PeriodYou can get a standard 18 month contract on all packages. You can get a monthly rolling contract on the basic ADSL package, but you may pay more upfront for this.

Pop Telecom Business

Pop Telecom do not offer broadband for business unfortunately.

Pop Telecom Tailored Solutions

Pop Telecom have a unique angle on deals- they offer packages in categories such as 'Over 60s deal', 'Rural Broadband' or 'Gamer Broadband'.This is a clever marketing tactic to make the process of choosing a broadband package less confusion and allow customers to identify easily with Pop Telecom. However, these deals are just the same as any other provider's offerings just with different names and branding.

Pop Telecom Reviews

Pop Telecom have a near perfect score of 4.6 on Trustpilot. Customers are satisfied with the service and describe the customer service agents as helpful and patient.

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