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Pop telecom reviews: is this provider any good? | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
María Pando
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Pop telecom reviews – one of the most popular topics these days. And with good reason too. With a growing population, the internet and phone services sector started attracting more and more people’s attention, and POP telecom is the latest one to appear on the stage. There are plenty of different reviews online, so this article will review Pop telecom focusing on facts.

Pop Telecom reviews: pros and cons

The largest fixed line and broadband network in the UK, POP Telecom's broadband network covers 94% of the population in the UK, while its mobile network covers 98% of the population. Let's find out what they have to offer. They advertise fiercely competitive deals, significant savings on high street goods, and customer service teams rooted in traditional values.

In addition to two fibre choices, POP Telecom provides its broadband customers with a basic ADSL service. It claims it prides itself on offering simple, affordable phone and broadband services and prioritizing excellent customer care. The corporation also places a lot of emphasis on its rural coverage, and some packages are customized for specific demographics.

A simple selection is one of POP Telecom's main advantages. POP Telecom provides a detailed overview of their bundles and what to anticipate. POP also offers sufficient support for customers who want to combine their broadband service with a home phone and TV package.

The lack of contract flexibility is its biggest drawback. All contracts offered by POP Telecom are 18 months long. This can be considered excessively constrictive for others who choose a shorter, 12-month option. Additionally, although they do (more than most other providers) offer the option of a 30-day rolling contract, it is only available for their entry-level ADSL service.

Reviews on Pop Telecom Broadband

Three different broadband packages are available from POP Telecom: Fast Standard Broadband, Superfast Fibre 40, and Superfast Fibre 80.

Fast Standard Broadband

Fast Standard Broadband, the entry-level service from POP, uses a regular ADSL connection and has an average download speed of 10 Mbps. An active phone line is necessary for ADSL because it only uses copper telephone cables to supply your broadband connection. Thankfully, line rental is included in the price of the plan with POP Telecom. Even though ADSL is the slowest type of broadband currently offered, it would still be appropriate for a single person or a couple who only use the internet for reading emails, casual browsing, and Netflix's standard definition of streaming.

Superfast Fibre 40

The 'Superfast Fibre 40' option from POP comes next, with typical download speeds of 38Mbps. This would probably be a wise choice for a typical household or lodging with 3–4 occupants who use many devices at once to access the internet and stream standard-definition TV shows and movies. Fibre optic cables are run from the telephone exchange to the cabinet in superfast broadband, also referred to as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). You will still require a phone line for this connection because copper cables will be utilized to connect the cabinet to your home. However, POP Telecom includes line rental in the monthly price of the bundle, just like their standard broadband package does. Compared to ADSL, an FTTC connection uses less copper wire.

Superfast Fibre 80

The fastest and last POP option, Superfast Fibre 80, provides download rates that are typically 67Mbps. Suppose you live in a large household with multiple devices streaming and downloading content simultaneously (5+). In that case, this option is more likely to work for you. The Superfast Fibre 80 connection is an FTTC connection, just like the Fast Fibre 40 bundle.

Is POP Telecom Broadband any good?

All of POP Telecom's offers are available with 12, 18, or 24-month contracts, with the price being constant for your chosen contract length. Many people who don't like being bound to a bargain that can only get worse will be drawn to this freedom combined with the security of a price set. An overview of POP Telecom's deals is provided below:

S/N Package Avg. Download Speed Monthly Cost
1. Fast Standard Broadband(Doesn’t include Call Anytime) 10Mbps £19.99
2. Fast Standard Broadband(Includes Call Anytime) 10Mbps £22.99
3. Superfast Fibre 40(Includes Call Anytime) 38Mbps £25.00
4 Superfast Fibre 80 (Includes Call Anytime) 67Mbps £27.50

Pop Telecom Mobile Reviews

All of POP Telecom's offers are available with 12, 18, or 24-month contracts, with the price being constant for your chosen contract length. Many people who don't like being bound to a bargain that can only get worse will be drawn to this freedom combined with the security of a price set. An overview of POP Telecom's deals is provided below:

S/N Package Inclusion Monthly Cost
1. Anytime Calling UK Landlines Included £6.50
2. Anytime Calling+Mobile Calling UK Landlines IncludedUK Mobiles Included £20
3. Anytime Calling +Euro and USA Calling UK Landlines IncludedUK Mobile Included European and USA Landlines Included £25

Reviews on Pop Telecom TV

POP Telecom provides the choice of a TV bundle in addition to a home phone.

An Alexa-enabled Netgem set-top box is included in the bundle. It has more than 135 channels and apps like BBC iPlayer, Rakuten TV, Hayu, and Amazon Prime Video, even though its channel lineup isn't as extensive as that of rivals like BT, Sky, and Virgin.

The TV bundle can be added for an additional £15.00 per month to either the Superfast Fibre 40 or Superfast Fibre 80 plans. A complimentary 12-month subscription to Amazon Prime is a part of the offer.

Pop Telecom customer service reviews

According to POP Telecom customer reviews, the UK is where POP Telecom's customer care and technical support personnel are based. Calls can be placed to the department between 9 am and 6 pm every day at 0343 538 6611. You can also use Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or the Live Chat feature to communicate.

Once more, the company's modest size prevents it from being included in Ofcom's customer service report. However, a brief scan of online reviews reveals that a few particular issues recur frequently.

Customers have complained in the past about being charged extra fees each month for services like line assurance and router assurance that they claim they never agreed to. Additionally, some clients have been assessed an additional £10.

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