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Is TalkTalk's Internet down? How to check and solve your issues

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Last update: October 2, 2023
María Pando
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Check the TalkTalk service status to know if there is a problem with TalkTalk's network in your area. This article will help you understand what you can do if you have a problem with TalkTalk's network in your area. You will also learn how to report a broadband outage on TalkTalk.

Is your TalkTalk internet down?

Customers of TalkTalk can check online or log into their accounts, where TalkTalk will assist in running tests to see if the service in their area is down. Customers can also contact TalkTalk directly at 0345 172 0088 to find out what has happened.

Check social media to see if TalkTalk has communicated about widespread service outages or if other customers are experiencing similar problems to you. Customers of TalkTalk can also use downdetector by Ookla to find out if customers are complaining about the TalkTalk network.

How to solve common problems with TalkTalk internet

Here are some common solutions to problems with TalkTalk internet.

Check to see if the issue is external.

The first step in determining why there is no internet is to ensure that all of the cords are properly plugged in. Cables become loose over time, making them one of the most common causes of a failed internet connection.

Go to the TalkTalk hub and examine the connectors. Double-check that they are all in the ports. Plug the grey broadband cable into the main phone socket, with the other end into the router. If connecting to the Internet via Ethernet, ensure the cable is plugged into the yellow Ethernet port.

Then, unplug the cords and replug them to ensure everything is perfectly in place. After that, you can wait for the TalkTalk hub to turn back on before reconnecting.

Those who use microfilters will also have to take a few extra steps to ensure they function properly. Each socket has only one microfilter and must be connected to the main phone socket. You must connect the phone cable to the microfilter's phone socket.

Furthermore, the router's broadband cable must be connected to the microfilter's ADSL/DSL port. If the Internet still needs to be fixed, you should try another microfilter because yours may be defective.

You may have configured the Internet incorrectly.

When your hub is in fibre mode, it performs optimally. TalkTalk will automatically set most devices to this mode if the 'auto' option is enabled. If you decide to change the connection mode, you should return to fibre, as this may cause connection issues.

You must change the 'Operating Mode' setting on the router's admin page to Auto. The process is slightly different if you have a Huawei HG532 router because this mode isn't automatic on that one. To find the connect option, navigate to the 'Summary' menu and click on the 'Quick Start Fibre' menu.

There's a problem with your internal wiring.

The last thing you want is internet connection problems caused by faulty internal wiring. But it does happen! Fortunately, there is an easy way to determine whether the problem is in your wiring. You must pass through a test socket.

Because you'll be connecting the hub directly to the phone line, the test socket allows you to bypass your home's internal wiring. You can find this box inside the main phone socket.

This tip, however, will only work with some phone lines. Your main phone socket should have two ports or a horizontal line across the front. That's where the test box comes in.

The Internet is undergoing a period of stabilisation.

If you are a new user or have recently upgraded your package, please note that varying speeds and connection drops are fairly common in these circumstances. Your Internet may be experiencing a 'stabilisation period' for up to two weeks. If the problems do not stop during that time, you have a bigger problem.

Your connection problem could be more serious.

Most users can restore their internet connection using one of our suggestions. However, some people may need help finding the solution to their internet problem.

If you're one of them, you'll probably not be able to fix your router on your own. As a result, you'll require professional assistance. In these cases, we recommend contacting TalkTalk customer service. They will assist you in diagnosing your problem and offer solutions.

Common problems with TalkTalk landline

Here are common problems with TalkTalk landlines and how to fix them.

Problems with landline setup

Check that the wires connecting your phone to the phone socket are securely fastened and in good working order. You can also try a different phone cable to see if the original line causes the problem.

Unpaid Bills

TalkTalk may restrict your services if you have an unpaid bill. You can quickly restore your services by paying in My Account or calling our automated payment line at 0345 172 0040. You will pay for charges if you are not calling from a TalkTalk landline.

You've exhausted your monthly allowance.

If you have used up your monthly allowance, you will be unable to make landline calls; however, you can increase your monthly allocation in My Account.

You added new devices to your setup.

If you recently connected a TV box, a new router, or a phone, try unplugging them. If this fixes the problem, add devices back into your setup one at a time to determine which one is causing the issue.

How to report a broadband outage on TalkTalk

If you are still experiencing issues after following our troubleshooting steps, please contact the TalkTalk fault team at 0870 087 8777*. Choose 3 for technical questions, setup, and faults, and then choose 1 for landline faults or 2 for broadband faults.

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