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Talk Talk Overview

Talk Talk Overview

TalkTalk group is a telecommunications company based in Salford and founded in 2003. They are not to be confused with the band TalkTalk, an experimental group who made waves in the synth pop genre back in the eighties.

Initially, TalkTalk provided fixed line telephone services to consumers and now it offers both fixed and mobile telephone and broadband services to consumers under the TalkTalk brand, and telephone and broadband services to business customers as ‘TalkTalk’ business.

What does TalkTalk offer?

Package Broadband Contract Term Upfront Price Monthly Price
Fast Broadband 11Mb averageUnlimited 18 months £9.95 £24.50
Fibre35 38Mb average unlimited 18 months £4.95 £22
Fibre65 67Mb average unlimited 18 months £4.95 £24

As you can see, the downside with TalkTalk is that all of the contracts are 18 months. TalkTalk claims that they are the cheapest provider in the UK. These claims check out, as you can see in the table below on Fibre broadband packages:

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
TalkTalk Fibre 35 38Mb average unlimited 18 months £4.95 £22
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Line only 36Mb average unlimited 18 months Free £22.50
SSE Unlimited Fibre + Line Only 35Mb averageunlimited 18 months £10 £23
Shell Energy Superfast Fibre Broadband 35Mb averageUnlimited 18 months Free £27.99
BT Fibre Essential 36Mb averageunlimited 24 months £19.99 £26.99

TalkTalk reviews

TalkTalk states on their website that they have 4.2 million customers. On Trustpilot, TalkTalk has earned 2.7 stars out of 5 overall for their services. Many customers describe long waiting times on the phone in order to speak to a customer service provider, along with delays in cancelling their contracts and subsequent unwanted charges. There are also reviews stating that charges occurred after contract cancellation, and refunds for these unlawful charges took months. Not a good look for TalkTalk.

TalkTalk Coverage

TalkTalk use the same lines as Vodafone, meaning their coverage expands across 99% of the UK. You can see how the network status covers your area by looking at the Vodafone network status checker on their website.

TalkTalk Contract Period

TalkTalk offer 12 or 18 month long contracts. If you wish to leave before your contract ends, you will face early cancellation fees. Look closely at your contract to see exactly what the terms and conditions are.

TalkTalk for Business

TalkTalk have a separate branch organisation for Business customers. They offer fibre broadband, data networking, internet access and business broadband packages for any kind of business, no matter how big or small it is. You can contact their sales team on 0808 163 3329.

TalkTalk support

As mentioned above, TalkTalk doesn't have the best reputation for customer support. They had the highest number of complaints in Ofcom’s figures for four quarters in a row (2017-2018).

Since then, They have dropped down to the third most-complained about provider, but this is mostly because of Vodafone’s entrance on the scene of customer service faux-pas and Plusnet's new system trouble, and doesn’t have much to do with improvements on TalkTalk’s part.

Customers can now message service agents via the MyTalkTalk app and over text, so they no longer need to wait on hold for a response via telephone.

In addition, an online tool called Digital Repair allows customers to run their own broadband health check, which could help to remedy problems without the need to speak to a call centre agent.

How do I contact TalkTalk?

It’s quite hard to find the contact numbers or direct email addresses to contact TalkTalk support. Their website tries to direct customers towards the community articles. You have to dig in those community articles to find the live chat support option. The customer service number is 0800 049 7827 or +44 800 049 7827 if you are ringing from outside the UK.