Three Mobile Customer Reviews

All network providers offer different services some may offer the same but all carriers will get both negative and positive comments or customer experiences. Three should use this as a chance to put themselves ahead of the game and respect all the customer feedback that is said about its services in order to generate more customers.

Three Network Reviews

Three network is known to be one of the best providers in the United Kingdom as it is one of four other network providers that offer other carriers their network. Three, EE, Vodafone and O2 are the four main carriers and Three offers ID Mobile their network so ID Mobile customers can benefit from Three’s network.

However, Three must take into consideration the negative and positive feedback provided by some of the Three customers who comment about the service. For example, a couple of comments such as ¨Never any problem¨ or a Three customer explaining how they are very happy with the service these are positive Three customer feedback.

Three must use this as an opportunity to keep on building their network service because it will help them grow. Every time there is positive feedback there must be negative feedback but Three uses negative feedback as a chance to improve.

For example, a customer commenting on how poor the mobile internet is and the how poor the phone signal is is not a good look for Three. Three networks must look into improving this so they can get more positive feedback.

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Three Review SIM only and pay as you go

In order for a service to grow it is important to learn about the positive and negatives that service has and by relating this theory to Three SIM only understanding the customers feedback. Using negative customer experience as an opportunity to fic your mistake and improve and positive experience as a way of building on the positive feedback.

For example, a Three customer who commented about pay as you go stating that how the experience it is to have a Three pay as you go plan is not a good look for Three. This negative Three customer feedback is an opportunity for the SIM only service to grow.

A positive example, is how a Three customer described their experience with using their Three SIM only plan to roam and how good it was. This is positive customer feedback and Three should use this type of feedback to continue to build on this type of great service.

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Customer service Feedback

IF there is any feedback that will be taken to heart the most will be the customer service feedback. This is because it is based on a performance issue and how the Three customer preference team handles issues claimed by Three customers. But as always the Three customer service team must use both negative and positive experience as an opportunity to grow the company.

For example, a Three customer stated that how bad the customer is and how it is non-existent. This makes the Three customer service team look really bad but at the same time Three must look at how and why this customer felt this way.

A positive reaction from a Three customer who said that the Three had ¨Truly terrific service¨ is one of the positive comments left about the Three customer service team. This will give the Three customers service team confidence and once again they must build on this success.

Another positive Three customer experience was described about how great the services is and explaining that the Three customer service team acknowledges that the customer is always right. This shows that the Three customer service team is trained well and always looking to help the customer.


Three should use all the negative and positive feedback that they can get to help improve their company. This is very important for Three as a network carrier in the United Kingdom because they are among the four major networks. If they use the negative customer experience to improve and the positive feedback to build on they can put themselves ahead of the other four network providers in the UK. By doing this they can hopefully lead to new Three customers in the future.

Post updated by: Roams on Friday, January 10, 2020