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Utility Warehouse's mobile network and broadband availability

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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In Utility Warehouse's mobile network and broadband availability, we will look at UW's network (mobile and broadband) and tell the user what network the company uses for both products. In this article, the users will understand their characteristics and where it is available.

What network does Utility Warehouse use?

Utility Warehouses take advantage of the EE network for speed and dependability. For both RootMetrics' H2 2021 testing and the previous eight years, EE came out on top in the overall (best) network performance category.

Mobile network on Utility Warehouse

UW offers its customers mobile services through EE, the UK's largest and most robust mobile network. As a result, you may count on 4G, which guarantees nationwide coverage and signal strength.

Is 5G available on Utility Warehouse?

5G provides substantially quicker speeds and a more dependable connection. Although it is not currently available, it will be shortly.

Broadband network on Utility Warehouse

Utility Warehouse is delighted to provide customers with Full Fiber to the Premises. Utility Warehouse broadband utilizes the Openreach network, which uses the same physical infrastructure (wires, exchanges, and cabinets) as all other service providers. Over 94% of the UK can access Utility Warehouse Standard Broadband.

If you reside outside the primary service region, we can offer BT's broadband service for £35.99 per month (including line rental).

Utility Warehouse Broadband includes ADSL, fiber, and full-fiber broadband. Uploading averages were 1 Mbps, 9 Mbps, and 18 MB, and typical download rates are 11 Mbps and 35 Mbps.

Below are the Utility Warehouse Broadband packages availables for customers

Standard Broadband Ultra-Fiber Broadband Ultra plus Fiber Broadband
The average download speed is 11 Mbps. The average download speed is 35 Mbps. The average download speed is Mbps.
There is no minimum contract There is a minimum contract of 18 months There is a minimum contract of 18 months
Connection is free of charge Connection is free of charge Connection is free of charge
Free wireless router with unlimited data on Utility Warehouse main network Free wireless router with unlimited data Free wireless router with unlimited data
The monthly payment of £28.99 includes rental The Monthly payment of £32.99 includes rental The Monthly payment of £37.99 includes rental

Check your broadband coverage on Utility Warehouse.

Full Fibre uses fiber cables from the supply to the green cabinets on your street and from the cabinets to your home, making it the most recent in broadband technology.

Utility Warehouse is confident that all its customers will be included in the Utility warehouse mobile network because it serves 99% of the people in the UK. Use the checker to find out what coverage is available in your location.

To use the checker;

Enter postcode

Check the coverage

Availability for Utility Warehouse's network

UW is here to provide customers with a straightforward path to securing an excellent internet deal. Customers will pay one flat fee for their broadband connection Z, which includes line rental when available, regardless of the fastest speed UW can offer.

Utility Warehouse is part of the UK's ongoing Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) rollout, guaranteeing that clients will receive the most recent broadband technology.

The fastest broadband connection accessible to customers, whether Ultra, Ultra+, or Full Fibre 100, is offered to new customers who sign up for a Double Gold, Gold Talk, or Gold Energy package. It costs just £20 per month for the first six months (standard prices apply for the remaining 12 months).

UW offers long-term value despite the price changing after six months.

For Full Fibre 100, Ultra+, and ultra, the average monthly cost for UW is £33.33, £31.83, and £28.08, respectively, over three years.

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