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Utility Warehouse reviews: are their broadband and phone services any good?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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In reviewing UW's broadband, landline, and mobile services, we will try to explain to the user the characteristics of UW's services and give an opinion according to the data. In this article, we will not talk about energy and insurance products.

Is Utility Warehouse good?

Utility Warehouse Reviews are largely favorable, with two-thirds of consumers giving it the highest rating of five stars on the consumer review website Trustpilot. 80% of clients were pleased with Utility Warehouse's service.

According to a recent Utility Warehouse review, customers value the provider's high quality of customer care above everything else. The bulk of positive reviews is pleased with how complaints are resolved and how well customer service representatives handle any problems that may arise: however, there are an insignificant number of unfavorable reviews. Utility Warehouse is not without its issues.

Review about Utility Warehouse broadband

Utility Warehouse specializes in providing all of your services in one place, including broadband, gas, electric, insurance, and mobile. Full utility warehouse fiber broadband was added to Utility Warehouse's offering in 2021, allowing consumers access to faster download and upload speeds of 100Mbps.

We examine its phone and broadband deals to determine where Utility Warehouse broadband review stands in the market compared to other broadband providers.


Typical download speeds. 11Mbps, 35Mbps, 63Mbps, 100Mbps, and 500Mbps

Typical upload speeds. 1Mbps, 9Mbps, 18Mbps, and 50Mbps

Broadband ADSL, full fiber, fiber

House Phone Yes

Prices from £31 per month

Utility Warehouse broadband operates on the Openreach network, the same physical network (wires, exchanges, and cabinets) as all other providers except Virgin Media Broadband, which runs its own. As such, there's little, if anything, to choose between Utility Warehouse and all the other providers on the same network when it comes to the speeds offered.

Here are the Utility Warehouse's Broadband reviews by some customers in the year 2012 and 2022

2012–07–13 2021–08–24
3.0 stars for contentmentRating for customer service: 3.7 3.1 stars for contentmentRating for customer service: 3.5
Star for speed of response: 2.7 Star for speed of response: 2.6
Star for reliability: 3 Star for reliability: 3
Based on 5, 965 customers Based on 100 customers

Review on Utility Warehouse mobile

These days, utility warehouse mobiles are popular. Utility Warehouse Mobile assures customers of good mobile plans, quick mobile connections, and no additional fees.

This table shows the advantages and disadvantages of Utility Warehouse mobile.

Positive reviews for Utility Warehouse mobile Negative reviews for Utility Warehouse mobile
the rapid 4G mobile network is less expensive than major suppliers There is less information available because it is a smaller service.
maintains control over your plan or bundle Bundled bills can be very perplexing.
Can also be used by people who favor sim-only tariffs. Fewer options for the newest phones
makes it easy for you to change your plans
helps you save a lot of money (less excessive charges, bundle perks, cashback program)

Reviews about Utility Warehouse: coverage

The strongest network in the UK powers all of our mobile plans, providing you with robust, dependable, and quick coverage.

Nearly the entire country is now covered by our 4G, which has speeds up to three times faster than the 3G networks now in use.

Service availability is not guaranteed in any specific place and is not guaranteed by the Utility Warehouse coverage map. Numerous elements, like whether you are inside or outside, the kind of building materials, the amount of tree cover, and the weather, might alter coverage. The type of mobile device you use and the number of concurrent network users may also impact the level of service you receive.

Utility Warehouse price review: is it good value?

In the most recent independent poll by YouGov and Uswitch, UK customers gave Utility Warehouse a 75% rating for customer service, making it the supplier with the highest rating in the main category for the Uswitch Energy Awards 2022.

In the same category, the supplier finished second in 2021. It also placed second in the Best App category but first in the Most Likely to Recommend and Best Rewards categories.

Utility Warehouse's price is good because, in appreciation of participating, Utility Warehouse will provide you with free LED bulbs, which can help you consume less electricity. Your electricity use is instantly reduced by 15% when you receive your quote.

Utility Warehouse's rates are still more reasonable than many big businesses. That notwithstanding, some people still do not feel so.

Review Utility Warehouse's Router

On the Utility Warehouse router, there is an odd scenario. Three different routers (Value Router, Premium Router, and Super Router) were available before January 2022, but you could only acquire one for free (the value router). Utility Warehouse would charge you more each month for any router other than the most basic, a cheap Technicolor one that would only actually fit your needs if you were choosing the ADSL package.

After January 17, 2022, if you subscribed to Utility Warehouse's broadband services, you'll receive their UW Wi-Fi Hub as standard, albeit you'll still be responsible for shipping fees.

Utility Warehouse router isn't clear about the precise details of any of these routers, but it isn't easy to imagine that its top router is superior to anything included as standard with a BT, Virgin Media, or Sky Broadband subscription. Only Utility Warehouse have we ever come across charging clients extra money each month to have a suitable router.

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