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Virgin Media Wi-Fi boosters: how to get one for free and how to set it up

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Last update: October 20, 2023
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Virgin media Wi-Fi boosters are perfect if you have connection problems in areas around your home. Simply plug a booster in where the wireless signal is weak and it’ll take the wireless signal from the Hub, boost it, and retransmit the signal out to all your wireless devices. In this article we discuss the different types of wifi boosters, how to get them and how to set them up.

Virgin Media Wi-Fi boosters: what types are there

There are two types of Virgin Media boosters. The older variety, like the old Powerline Adapter, transmits your broadband connection over your home's electrical cabling. Simply connect one Powerline to the Virgin Media Hub and another Wi-Fi Powerline to the issue area to increase the signal to your wireless devices.

The newer types, such as the new Wi-Fi Pods, do not transfer the signal through your electrical wire. Instead, the Hub's signal is wirelessly sent from Pod to Pod. Consider it a relay race, with the signal being passed to a new runner who is ready to deliver speedy broadband to your device. This allows your signal to go further, providing you with a quick and steady connection no matter where you are in your home.

How to get your Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster for free

Scan your home utilizing the free Virgin Media Associate application, and assuming it finds signal black spots, you can now order an intelligent Wi-Fi pod.

The free update further develops Virgin Media Wi-Fi execution by empowering the switch to advance its association and offer the sign equitably across associated gadgets. Virgin Media confirmed this could develop speeds up to multiple times in specific rooms.

Associate Application; the application allows you to control the Insightful Wi-Fi highlights.

Virgin Media wifi booster: how to connect and set it up

Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster may be tricky for some people, but it's not complicated. Follow the procedure below, and it will be easy for you to set up.

Set up the smaller booster

Set up the smaller Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster and connect to your hub. Ideally, you will see two boosters in your virgin media Wi-Fi booster kit, a smaller Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster, and a bigger Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster.

Plug the smaller Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster into the main socket close to the hub.

You must plug the smaller one directly into the main socket, not extensions. As it will ensure your device is working in better condition.

After the lights start blinking red, the equipment will start automatically. You will then connect the Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster to the hub utilizing the Ethernet cable provided

Set up the bigger booster

Plug the bigger Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster into a mains socket in a similar room, and switch it on.

Leaving the bigger Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster for 15 minutes is essential to match up to the little booster and to download the most recent software updates important for your Virgin Media Wi-Fi booster productivity.

Press the button on the booster and the hub

Press and press the WPS button on the bigger virgin media Wi-Fi booster for 15 seconds and release it. The remote and power lights will begin to flash.

Press and hold the WPS/Virgin Media button on the hub for 12 seconds, then release the button after the lights start blinking.

Then, the boosters will then begin duplicating the essential information from the hub, the entire duplicating process has been completed when the light stops flashing, but the power light will be on.

Unplug the booster

After completing the process, you can unplug the bigger booster and place it anywhere you want.

How Much Does Virgin Media Broadband Boosters Cost?

Virgin Media Broadband Boosters improve connectivity in your home by utilizing your home's electrical wiring. Virgin Media has three different boosting kits to pick from, depending on your needs, and they start at only £35 + £7 postage and packing. To order a Powerline kit from virgin media, you must be an existing Virgin Broadband client.

The Netgear Powerline

The Netgear Powerline 1000 has one Ethernet connector and is excellent for using an Ethernet cable to connect devices such as your Virgin TV box, smart TV, or games console.

This costs £35 +£7

The Netgear Powerline 1200

The Netgear Powerline 1200 + Extra Outlet also features one Ethernet port and adds a filtered power outlet so you don’t lose the use of one of your sockets.

This costs £43 +£7

The Netgear Powerline WiFi 1000

The Netgear Powerline WiFi 1000 extends the reach of your wireless network, so you can connect devices without any need for cables (though it has an Ethernet port too).

£51 +£7

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