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Last update: October 20, 2023
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The Virgin Media Router (or Hub) exchanges data into radio signals using two frequencies: typically, the 2.4GHz bandwidth has the maximum range, while the 5GHz bandwidth travels significantly faster over small distances. This article will educate you on our media routers, models and what makes each one peculiar.

How do you configure your Virgin Media router?

You will need to follow just a few simple steps. Meanwhile, your QuickStart kit provides you with everything you need to start.

Nonetheless, you should follow these procedures:

  • Ensure you keep your virgin media router out in the open. The ideal placement is 1 metre of clearance to get a constant WiFi signal strength in your home.
  • Afterwards, obtain a correct connection with the power cable; then turn on and start the router. You can tell if it's ready when the Virgin Media Router's light is steady and white.
  • Finally, you must connect your virgin media hub to your devices with the WiFi name and password.

You can locate this at the bottom of the router.

You should anticipate receiving your new hub in the mail within a few weeks after signing up for a new Virgin Media service.

However, the availability of an engineer to install your service may influence installation timelines.

Virgin Media router: all the different hub models

To get the best out of the available services, you must know about virgin media routers, past and present. Below are all the Virgin Media routers:

Virgin Media Router (Hub 5)

This is the topmost on the list and is the company's most recent router. It was released and made available to customers at the start of 2022.

Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Fuelled by WiFi 6

Hub 5 has the latest WiFi technology generation. This enjoys dual band reach, guaranteeing speed, coverage, reliability and less WiFi lag. In addition, it avails you of the connection of more devices to the hub at the same time.

  • Unmatched Speed

Can you imagine Parker's fastest artificial object record in February 2020? This portrays the way the Gig1 Fibre broadband avails you with the swiftest speed you need to stream, zoom or surf to your utmost satisfaction.

  • Environment-friendly browsing

Its casing is made from a hundred percent recycled polyethylene. It boasts of being nicer for our planet, apart from being the latest in technological advancement.

Virgin Media Hub 4

  • This is a better all-around router, particularly if you rely on WiFi rather than wired Ethernet connections, as most users do.
  • It has the WiFi 5 standard and features four Gigabit Ethernet connectors (802.11ac).
  • You can use it with Virgin Media Intelligent WiFi (small plug-in extenders that boost the home's WiFi signal).
  • It has eleven antennas.
  • It has increased the strength and speed of the WiFi signal in more distant parts of the home.

Virgin Media Router, Hub 3 model

  • It uses the WiFi five standard and features four Gigabit Ethernet connectors (802.11ac).
  • You can use it with Virgin Media Intelligent WiFi (small plug-in extenders that boost the home's WiFi signal).
  • It has five antennas.

Logging into and out of your broadband

To login to your broadband:

  • Type into your web browser (or by clicking on the link to the left).
  • Then, enter the router settings password in the box shown on the screen. Note that this is the settings password. It would be best if you secure your WiFi with a stronger password.

Forgot password? Do these

If you forgot your password. Go to,

  • "My Virgin Media" login page and select "forgot password."
  • Enter your username for password recovery.

Finding your IP address on different hub models

In a situation where you just upgraded your hub model and need your router's IP address. Follow These simple steps to get your Virgin Media Router reset :

  • Left click on "Open network Connections".
  • Right-click on Local Area Connection and choose "Properties".
  • Locate and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), then click "Properties". This will open the IP address, default gateway boxes and subnet mask.

Virgin media router lights: what do they mean?

It would help if you got this simple and interesting hacks:

  • A steady white light shows your hub is on, likewise your WiFi.
  • When the Green virgin media router power flashes and the WiFi light is green, this indicates a loose connection.
  • Lastly, a red Virgin Media hub light on your Virgin Media Hub implies an incorrect connection between the hub and the network. This requires a close checking or service of an engineer.
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