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Landline deals on Vodafone: for your home or your business

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Last update: May 29, 2023
María Pando
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In Landline-Vodafone, we will look at landline deals available for your home or your business. In this write-up, broadband and landline options as well as business options will be discussed.

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Vodafone landline deals

Anytime calls on landlines and mobile

From your home phone, make unlimited calls to regular UK landlines and mobiles.

£8 per month.

Weekend and evening phone calls

Utilize your home landline to make limitless calls to regular UK landlines on the weekends and in the evenings.

£4 per month

Voicemail Plus

Your messages can be paused, fast-forwarded, and rewound so you can pick them up later. As you pick how many times your phone should ring before going to voicemail, record a customized welcome.

Each month, £2.65

Call management capabilities

Use Anonymous Caller Rejection to block calls from persons who hide their phone number, use Call Divert to forward calls to a different number, and use Call Waiting to see if someone is attempting to call you while you are on another call.

£2.65 per month


You can save up to 10 messages and access them whenever you want by dialing 1571 from your home phone.

Call is free

Caller Display

You can see the caller's number with our free Caller Display function, allowing you to choose whether or not to answer.

Bundle up your Vodafone landline

You can bundle up your Vodafone landline with broadband deals. Please find details of bundled plans on Vodafone

Package Contract length (months) Price
Superfast 1 12 £26
18 £23
Superfast 2 12 £30
18 £23
Gigafast 100 12 £42
18 £28
Gigafast 500 12 £57
18 £38
Gigafast 900 12 £72
18 £48

Business landline on Vodafone

Vodafone Business Landline service, which is backed by Vodafone nationwide fixed-line network and fantastic extras like Anytime Landline & Mobile, Evening & Weekend, and International 300*, links your company locally and internationally.

Business Landline

Monthly pay at £14 (exc. VAT)

Voicemail is one of the inclusive features.

Standard call fees

Standard support

Contract is for 24 months

Premium Business Landline

Monthly pay at £17.99 (exc. VAT)

Features like voicemail Support Plus are included.

Contract is for 24-month;

Standard call rates;

Smart Divert

A new line connection fee of £50 (exc. VAT) is charged. Prices do not include VAT.

Call charges on Vodafone landline

You will be required to pay a per-minute fee to call any UK phone number after you have used all of your inclusive minutes on a pay monthly bundle.

Below is a table showing Vodafone landline call charges

Standard calling rates (price per minute)

Call connection charge Daytime Evening Weekend
U.K. landlines (number beginning with 01, 02 and 03) 19p for the call connection Standard calling charges price per minute) 11.5p Standard calling charges price per minute) 11.5p Standard calling charges price per minute) 11.5p
U.k. landline (beginning 01481, 01534 or 01624) 19p for the call connection rate Standard calling charges price per minute) 13p Standard calling charges price per minute) 13p Standard calling charges price per minute) 13p
Free lines are 0800 and 0808 Free call connection rate Standard calling charges price per minute) Free Standard calling charges price per minute) Free Standard calling charges price per minute) Free
International calls 19p for the call connection rate - - -

Vodafone landline not working: troubleshooting

A power outage will prevent your phone line and broadband from functioning until the electricity is restored, so make sure you have power.

If you have power, make sure:

  • The phone's cords are all securely plugged in.
  • Be sure that the electricity is properly connected to the phone (if needed)
  • Make sure that none of the batteries are dead.
  • Make sure your phone is connected.

Depending on the sort of Vodafone landline connection you have, there are a few more things you can try.

  • Let the phone be directly plugged into the wall.
  • The telephone should be connected to the router through Digital Voice

If it's still not functioning, dial 191 to speak with one of our Pro Xperts if you have Vodafone Pro.

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