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Time to Upgrade Vodafone Plans

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Customers who have been loyal to Vodafone need to take advantage of being a Vodafone existing customer by browsing on all the great broadband and SIM only deals. Clients can also upgrade to get a brand new mobile phone that offers 5G and get the best data technology in the UK.

How to Upgrade

The process of upgrading is simple, however, it depends on the type of mobile phone customers have. For example, Apple iPhone users must create an account on the App Store and Samsung users have to create a Google account on Google Play.

After setting up an account download the 'My Vodafone' app and register to login. Customers can create a fingerprint login after they register to make it easier to enter the app in the future.

Once you've logged in, clients will see what bundles is available to upgrade, choose one that suits you and check out of the app.

The 'My Vodafone' app can help customers with everything, including keeping track on data usage, managing bills and reaching out to the 24/7 Vodafone customer service robot TOBI.

Broadband deals for existing customers

A standard broadband deal provides a client with decent Wi-Fi speed that will allow multiple devices to operate at the same time.

However, to get the most out of your money existing customers should upgrade to a broadband deal with an entertainment package and a one-year subscriptions Apple TV, this could be perfect for family movie nights.

Clients that need an upgrade on their Internet speed should look at other deals that offer a faster broadband. For example, Vodafone's Gigafast deals offer unrivalled speed that will give customers the luxury of Fibre broadband.

However, not all areas in the UK have access to the Gigafast plans, so you must check the Vodafone Network Status Checker.

SIM Mobile Vodafone Upgrades

Great news for all Vodafone customers who need a new SIM only deal, if you have unlimited data on your plan, upgrade now to an Unlimited Max with Entertainment.

This plan allows clients to watch thousands of classic movies, TV shows and listen to all the best music on the popular charts by choosing one entertainment app from Prime Video, Spotify Premium, Now TV and Sky Sports Mobile TV.

The Sky Sports Mobile TV will keep you updated with the latest games of the Premier League, so customers can watch on the go.

Existing customers can browse for deals that offer faster Internet speed without an entertainment package. Vodafone works hard to offer the best deals for existing clients.

Get a 5G phone

Vodafone offers 5G but customers must have a mobile phone that is capable of supporting 5G and also live in a 5G-coverage area. Unfortunately, 5G is not offered all over the UK, so clients need to check the Vodafone Status Network checker.

If you currently own a mobile phone that does not offer 5G, then now is the time to upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy fold 5G is a mobile that is 5G ready, so clients can take advantage of superfast data connection and uninterrupted video buffering.

Not all upgraded mobile phones offer 5G, so if you are going to upgrade choose carefully.

iPad & Tablet Upgrades

This is a good time to shop for a brand-new Apple iPad 10.2 32GB or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite as there are great prices for existing customers. There are other brands such as Huawei that has some positive reviews on their tablets that clients can upgrade to.

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