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Vodafone Mobile Broadband: home internet or on the move with 5G.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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With Vodafone mobile broadband options, you can access the internet from the comfort of your home or on the go. Various options fit every demand, including Vodafone's 5G-powered GigaCube router and limitless data-only SIMs. This article explores how you can easily access the internet using Vodafone mobile broadband.

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What is Vodafone mobile broadband?

Vodafone mobile broadband is a broadband service that connects your wireless devices to the internet through 4G and 5G networks, giving you the freedom to work, game, stream, and download on your device wherever there is a signal. Additionally, it is a great alternative to home broadband.

Connect your devices to Vodafone's 4G network using an overly portable data dongle (a small gadget that uses the Vodafone network to connect your laptop or PC to the internet) and access the internet virtually anywhere in the UK, as it covers 99% of the UK. You may use the 5G GigaCube to connect many devices to Vodafone's lightning-fast 5G network for even more speed and versatility.

Vodafone mobile broadband deals and plans

Check out a variety of Vodafone mobile broadband deals with portable battery-operated dongles and WiFi hotspots (that allow the connection of a maximum of 32 devices) you can use anywhere and at any given time.

S/N Plan Data Monthly Contract Price
1. Unlimited Max Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi Plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost Unlimited 12 Months £33
2. 30GB Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi Plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost 30GB 12 months £22
3. 4GB Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi Plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost 4GB 12 months £11
4. 30GB Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi Plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost 30GB 24 months £20
5. Unlimited Max Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost Unlimited one month £26 (£15 upfront payment)
6. 4GB Dongle or Mobile Wi-Fi Plan – includes 5G ready at no extra cost 4GB 24 months £10

The table below displays a variety of data-only SIM plans on 5G-ready SIMS to help you experience data on the go at lightning speeds across a range of devices, including your mobile WiFi device, data dongle and more:

S/N Plan Data Monthly Contract Price
1. Unlimited Max Data SIM Plan Unlimited 12 Months £33
2. Red 30GB Data SIM Plan 30GB 12 months £22
3. Red 4GB Data SIM plan 4GB 12 months £11
4. Red 30GB Data SIM Plan 30GB 24 months £20
5. Unlimited Max Data SIM plan Unlimited 24 months £20
6. Rd 4GB Data SIM Plan 4GB 24 months £10

Visit the Vodafone website for more details.

Vodafone 5G mobile broadband with GigaCube

GigaCube is a portable wireless router that converts Vodafone's 5G and 4G networks into WiFi, providing an instant connection to all your devices. So, if you have slow internet speeds at home or reside in a location where Vodafone broadband is unavailable, GigaCube is your panacea.

GigaCube's 5G speeds of up to 1Gbps eliminates buffering, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content without interruption. GigaCube also allows you to connect up to 64 devices, allowing you to share your internet with as many devices as possible. Below is a table containing several GigaCube deals:

S/N Data Upfront Payment Monthly Monthly Contract
1. Unlimited £50 £43 24 months
2. 200GB £50 £23 24 months
3. 100GB £100 £20 24 months
4. Unlimited £175 £60 one month
5. 200GB £175 £40 one month

Other routers for Vodafone mobile broadband

Vodafone Mobile WiFi Routers enable you to simultaneously connect several WiFi-enabled devices to the internet, including your tablets, PCs and mobile phones. Visit the Vodafone official website for more information on this.

How to set up your Vodafone mobile broadband

Set up your Vodafone WiFi hub before you set up any other mobile broadband device. Follow this step-by-step guide on how you to set up your Vodafone WiFi hub:

  • You are to set up your Vodafone WiFi Hub only on your broadband activation date. Connecting before the due date may cause service troubles. Check your activation date online or in the email with your broadband order confirmation.
  • Put your new WiFi Hub next to your master phone socket and a mains power socket.
  • Connect the internet cable to the WiFi Hub's red internet connector on the rear. Plug the opposite end of the cable firmly into the microfilter, then into the phone socket on the wall.
  • Plug the supplied power cord into your WiFi Hub and the other end into a power outlet.
  • Turn on the power at the wall socket and turn on your WiFi Hub by pressing the on/off button on the back.
  • If the power light on your WiFi Hub is constant white, it's working well and is currently turned on. On your activation day, keep your WiFi Hub turned on and connected. Your WiFi Hub may take till midnight on your activation day to connect and become active.
  • Once you have activated your connection and turned on your WiFi Hub for the first time, it will set itself up and install any available updates, you may notice the lights on your WiFi Hub changing throughout this process, and you may lose connectivity a few times.
  • If your activation date has passed and you still don't see a constant white light above the Internet and WiFi after following the instructions above, please visit Vodafone's Broadband Support hub for assistance.

Visit Vodafone's broadband support website for more mobile broadband set-up guides or set up videos.

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