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XLN broadband and phone deals: connectivity solutions for businesses

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Xln broadband provides fast broadband service to meet the needs of small businesses. This article will help you understand deals on XLN, including business broadband deals, phone deals and business mobile deals.

XLN Broadband: how is it?

Christian Nellemann and Anthony Karibian founded XLN Telecom in London in 2002. It has become one of the fastest-growing telecom service companies in the UK.

Low phone rates and a dependable, fast broadband service geared for small businesses are at the heart of its operation. XLN Telecom presently has over 120,000 business customers in the United Kingdom.

XLN broadband has a 4.4-star rating according to over 14,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Trustpilot is one of the most reliable websites for reviews in the United Kingdom. Most customers were pleased by their customer service, particularly the short response time and effectiveness at fixing issues whenever they got a complaint. doesn't rate it as favourably as Trustpilot does; based on a hundred different reviews since April 2020, XLN broadband has a two-star rating. Surprisingly, most customers complained about their customer service, speed and reliability.

We shall attempt to review their services in this section without any bias whatsoever.


XLN features an entry-level broadband service called Essential Broadband & UK Calls that offers speeds of up to 17Mbps, comparable to other providers' entry-level packages.

For a few more monthly pounds, you can buy XLN's Superfast Fibre Broadband & UK Calls bundle, which claims up to 76Mbps. As previously said, it is only a few pounds more than normal broadband, so there is no reason not to choose this option unless you cannot access fibre at your address.

In addition to the broadband connection, you and your colleagues will use, XLN can supply you with their public guest Wi-Fi service for a small monthly price or for free with the Superfast Fibre Broadband package. Everyone like being connected, so this will keep your customers happy and may even inspire people to visit you.

According to XLN, 77% of consumers are more likely to visit businesses that provide free Wi-Fi, and 68% are more likely to return to businesses that allow them to connect to the internet.


With XLN's fibre broadband service, a "Super Router" is included for free. According to the provider, it is three times more powerful than its standard model. The wireless super router is described as & plug and play, which indicates that getting it up and running (and hence online) is simple.

The configuration and tracked shipping of the router cost £9.99, which is very common in the business.


XLN operates on the Openreach network, the same network that BT TalkTalk and many other companies use. This means that its fibre broadband will be available to 95% of UK premises, and switching broadband providers should be simple if you're already with one of those providers.

Openreach network reliability has improved modestly since 2020, with a 3.4% decrease in total failures compared to 2019.

Customer Service

XLN Telecom provides some of the finest standards of customer care in the corporate broadband market.

It provides an award-winning UK-based call centre staffed with individuals trained in various business sectors to guarantee callers are not transferred between departments. XLN Telecom also guarantees to react to any e-mail correspondence within 24 hours.

XLN Telecom has routinely scored well in polls conducted by Ofcom-accredited service comparison site Topcomm, ranking it first for accurate billing, quick problem response, and quick repairs.

Software attributes

The Secure service, which is included with select subscriptions, contains various security tools to keep you secure online. It features anti-virus, anti-spyware, a firewall, and abuse control to prevent employees from accessing inappropriate sites for them to visit during working hours.

The company's top-tier offerings include XLN Secure. If you choose a mid-tier or lower product, you can sign up for XLN Secure for a monthly cost.

Business broadband deals on XLN

The table below summarizes key aspects of business broadband deals on XLN.

Deals Features Cost per month Contract length
BroadbandPhone & UK Calls
  • Line rental included
  • Unlimited UK Calls (landline & mobiles)
  • Speeds up to 17Mb
  • Free plug & play router (£9.99 P&P)
  • Keep your existing number
£27.95 18-months
Superfast FibrePhone & UK Calls
  • Line rental included
  • Unlimited UK Calls (landline & mobiles)
  • Superfast speeds up to 76Mb
  • Minimum speed guarantee
  • Free plug & play router (£9.99 P&P)
  • Add our award-winning Guest Wi-Fi
  • Free internet security (worth £95)
£29.95 18-months
Free PublicWi-Fi Service
  • Let your customers surf for free
  • No setup cost
  • No complex configuration
  • No password sharing
  • Simple guest registration
£15.00 18-months

XLN broadband and phone deals

XLN only offers three deals on broadband and phones, the three business broadband deals listed in the table above. To find out more about deals on broadband, please visit the XLN official website.

Phone deals on XLN

XLN does not sell mobile phones, nor do they offer landline-only deals. Therefore, to enjoy phone services on XLN, you must get a broadband and phone package.

Business mobile deals on XLN

XLN business mobile deals are SIM-only plans that are flexible and cheap. With cheaper tariffs than EE, Vodafone, and O2, their SIM Only deals offer optimum freedom and savings.

The table below summarizes key aspects of XLN's business mobile deals.

Deals Features Cost per month Contract length
4GB Mobile Data SIM
  • 4GB Data
  • Unlimited UK Calls & SMS
  • Spending cap
  • Free EU roaming
  • Change your plan any time
£10 18-months
10GB Mobile Data SIM
  • 10GB Data
  • Unlimited UK Calls & SMS
  • Spending cap
  • Free EU roaming
  • Change your plan any time
£12 18-months
Unlimited Mobile Data SIM
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited UK Calls & SMS
  • Spending cap
  • Free EU roaming
  • Change your plan any time
£25 18-months
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