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Last update: May 29, 2023
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XLN provides broadband services exclusively to small businesses, cheaper prices and smoother services. But, it is competing with giants in the business broadband market, so how does XLN measure up? Here we take a look at what exactly is on offer from the company founded in 2002 and exclusively offering Business broadband.

What do XLN Telecom offer?

Here's a handy table to break it down:

Download speed Up to 76Mbps
Broadband Standard and fibre
Business phone line Yes
ISDN line No
Contract length 12-24 months
Prices from £18.95 per month

XLN offer only two speeds: one for its ADSL and one for its fibre. It provides no information about its traffic management policy. It offers free public wifi with all its packages.

XLN Telecom coverage

XLN runs on the Openreach network also used by BT, TalkTalk and many others. This means that its fibre broadband will be available to 95% of UK premises and that if you're already with one of those providers, XLN will contact your old provider and let them know that you are switching. Easy!

Reliability on that network appears to have improved last year, with Openreach receiving an average of 3,300 fewer faults in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017.

XLN Telecom contract lengths

XLN contracts are a minimum of 12 months. If you read the fine print, there is heavy fees for early termination, so be aware of this when you are thinking of signing up. The end of the contract is after 24 months.

XLN Telecom customer reviews

XLN promises to answer customer calls within three rings, which is a bold claim! No other broadband provider, whether they offer domestic or business packages, offer to do this.

XLN's call centre is UK-based and apparently 90% of issues are solved on the first call.

XLN's exclusive focus on small businesses should enable it to offer more specialised and expert advice and it claims to do exactly this via the Biz Hub section of its website, which offers tips, tools and insight. There's also a useful FAQ help page with troubleshooting articles and contact numbers.

In 2018, XLN won the prize for Customer Satisfaction at the Customer Experience Awards and was a runner-up in the categories Best Utilities and Best Contact Centre.

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