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Last update: May 29, 2023
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BT billing gives you a breakdown of all the BT services you subscribed to and their cost. In this article, we discuss BT billing: how to get your BT billing, different BT billing options and their cost implications, and how to solve problems you may have with BT billing.

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What is BT billing?

BT billings often include a breakdown of every item that goes towards your final bill. You can access it online or by paying extra money and receiving paper bills. You have more information, options, and control with online billing through My Account than paper bills; up to fifteen months worth of bill and call information is available at your fingertips.

How to log in to BT billing?

Follow these easy steps to log into your BT billing account:

  1. Register to My BT You must register if you are a new client or do not currently have a BT Business account. It is simple and takes only a few minutes.
  2. Add your billing information Once you have your account number—printed on the top of your bills—you may add that information to your online billing login account. You may access online BT invoices, make payments, report issues, and monitor orders using the BT portal.
  3. Select what you want to see Online or E-billing BT is the easiest and most convenient way to view your billing accounts You will see four tabs: Summary, Service Category, Product Usage.
  4. Get detailed information You can click on any highlighted figures to get more details about each price. Also, you can use the arrow sign, which indicates that you may expand on the information presented.

Advantages of BT online and paperless billing

These are the advantages of BT Online billing over paper bills

  • Spend less since each paper bill BT sends to you costs £3.
  • Examine and download your bills from the previous fifteen months and your most current consumption.
  • Create and modify your Direct Debit details
  • Change your billing address or make a payments.
  • View your payment record
  • Track a problem or order
  • Modify your product
  • Take control of your preferences and BT Extras, such as BT Cloud, BT Parental Controls, and BT Wi-fi.

Can I get paper BT billing?

Yes, you can get paper billing for £3. This charge is for each paper bill sent to you.

Your first bill will appear at your door ten days after your service begins. Then, a week later, BT will collect payments.

You may anticipate seeing this on your BT bill:

  1. Bill Total: The bill total is the sum that you must pay. It is at the very top of the paper. The due date is shown next to the bill total. The due date is when your money will be deducted if you pay via Direct Debit. You must pay your bill by this date or risk disconnection.
  2. Price breakdow: The price breakdown lists all the items contributing to your overall charge. The price breakdown contains your recurring costs (the cost of your base package), less applicable reductions, any add-ons like BT Sport, and fees for any use not covered by your basic plan.

The Price breakdown also covers on-demand movies, TV show purchases, and calls to premium phone lines. Account costs, one-time expenses for equipment, engineer visits, or late payments are also displayed.

Frequently asked questions about BT billing

What to do if there is a problem with your BT billing?

Call the helpline at 0845 154 8844 or 8844 from your BT One Phone and choose the billing option if you need assistance with billing.

How long does BT billing store my bills for?

Your bill copies are on file for fifteen months, so you can always see, download, and print them. This makes viewing your bills so much simpler through My BT

Is Paper BT billing free, and how do I switch?

No, paper billing is not free on BT, you must pay £3 for each bill that is sent to you. If you still want to receive paper bills on BT just call BT on 0800 800 150 and ask for it, you just need to give BT your account number.r

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