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What does BT Sports offer?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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BT Sports is one of the most popular sports tv packages provided by BT in the United Kingdom. If you’re a lover of all sports, this may be the perfect one for you! Football, Boxing, UFC, Rugby, Squash and Snooker are just some of the sports shown on the wide variety of BT sports channels.

Any sport that you can think of, BT Sports is sure to broadcast it! Read on to see all that the BT sports pack has to offer you.

BT Sports Pack and TV Guide

The BT Sports pack offers you all of the BT Sport channels available (BT Sport 1, BT Sport 2, BT Sport 3, ESPN on BT Sport, BT Sport Extra and Box Nation). Every season, all 351 UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League games are broadcast. In addition, you can also enjoy the Premier League, FA Cup, European Rugby Champions Cup, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Boxing, MotoGP™, to mention just a few.

You also get free access to the BT Sport App and online player, and HD options depending on your TV.

You can access the schedule for all channels on BT sports on BT’s website by clicking sport, scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking TV guide! You can also click here to go to BT's TV guide directly.

Where can I watch BT Sport?

Pretty much anywhere, and on every device imaginable! You can watch BT Sports on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet using the app or the online player. You can also watch on your big screen at home with Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Samsung Smart TV, NOW TV devices, Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku players, Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV and Airplay.

In terms of the platforms on which BT Sport is offered, you can watch it on the majority of paid TV platforms, mainly BT TV, Sky TV and Virgin Media.

What are the best BT Sport deals?

Well, it depends what you’re looking for! We’ve listed our selection below, so that you can select what suits you best!

Deal 1: For the non-committers and those new to BT

BT Sport monthly pass gives you access to unlimited BT Sport for £25 a month, for 18 months. This includes BT Sport Ultimate which gives you pictures and sound in UHD (ultra-high-definition). Plus, this subscription also gives you access to the BT Sport app - which you can download on mobile, tablet, console and Smart TV.

If you are interested in switching over to BT broadband from your current broadband provider, have a look at our article on BT as a broadband provider.

Deal 2: BT veterans

For those who already have BT broadband, you can get BT Sport as an add-on to your existing package at £10 a month for 18 months.

Deal 3: The Sky customers

Fortunately, Sky and BT have teamed up to offer the best of both worlds to sports fans! On BT’s website you can add BT sport service to Sky TV. You have a few options available depending on your broadband provider. If you already have BT broadband, your package will be cheaper! You can choose to opt for the luxurious HD option to see Messi play in ultimate HD glory. Follow the instructions onscreen to sign up, including entering your Sky viewing card number.

How can I cancel BT Sport?

To cancel your BT Sport Monthly Pass:

  1. Log into MyBT
  2. Click on your BT Sport Monthly Pass
  3. Select 'Cancel Subscription'
  4. Complete the steps listed to confirm cancellation

When cancelling you can continue watching BT Sport until your 30 day viewing period expires.

To cancel online, or cancel another contract deal, go to the Help section. You can also ring the support team on 0800 783 1401, Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm or Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm.

Hopefully this article has offered some food for thought on all that BT Sports has to offer! It really is an amazing and comprehensive option for those who watch sports around the clock all year round.

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