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How easy is it to contact the BT Mobile Customer Service team?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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If you want to contact BT Mobile's customer service, you can do it by dialing 0800 917 0510 from 9am to 5pm Monday - Friday.

It's a lot easier to contact the BT Mobile customer service team because clients can now reach out to a support agent via a Live Chat instead of calling or emailing the team, customers must find the best method of contact that suits them.


What is the BT Mobile customer service number?

It is important for customers to know how to contact the BT Mobile customer service team in case they have any questions or problems with BT services.

For all general enquiries dial 0800 917 0510 and to contact the BT Broadband or BT Landline team, call 0800 800 150, which will be a lot faster for customers to get help or have questions about these services. The team operates between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you are calling from overseas, dial +44 179 359 6931.

More ways to contact the BT Mobile customer service team

The BT Mobile Live chat option is a new way of contacting the customer service team, which shows how BT Mobile is always improving and trying to find by creating new ways of contacting the support team.

The BT Mobile Live chat is created for customers to ask questions about any BT service and solve their problems. Clients should take advantage of the BT Mobile Live Chat option as it will help them get answers and problems solved fast.

The best way to make a complaint

Under the 'Help' category on the official BT Mobile website customers have the option of choosing what BT Mobile service they want to complain about. However, clients can find information about how to resolve their problem on the 'Help' webpage.

For example, if your complaint is based on BT Mobile Broadband and it's about the speed problems, then there will be information about the speed issues and how to fix it. If the client does not feel that the information provided is not enough to help solve the problem then make a complaint.

According to the BT Mobile customer service tea,m the best way to contact the complaint team is to call them between 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and on the weekend 9am to 6pm.

Contact numbers:

0800 111 4567 Landline

0330 123 4567 Mobile

+44 179 359 6931 Abroad

You can also email the team by completing an online complaint form on the BT Website which will send an email to the BT Mobile customer service team and they will try and get back to you within 7 days.

Customers can also use the BT Live Chat option, which will get a much faster response than sending an email.

Members can send a post to the BT Mobile team at

BT Correspondence Centre, Providence Row, Durham, DH98 1BT

Don't forget to include your phone number, email address and account number. The BT Mobile customer service team aims to reply to you within 10 days.

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