What is my EE number? How to find it through phone calls and other alternatives

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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My EE number tells you what your EE mobile number is. This article will teach you how to find your EE number through text, SIM packaging, device settings, logging in to your my EE, and other alternatives.

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What is my EE number? How to find out

My EE number can be gotten through the following steps:

Send a text message

Text the word NUMBER to 150 on your EE mobile phone to get in touch with an EE customer support agent from an EE landline.

Check your SIM packaging

The SIM number and phone number are printed on every SIM card packaging. If you have the SIM card packet, look through it. Your number should be there.

Go to your device settings

On Android and Apple phones, click on the contact's application and scroll to the top of the list.

On an iOS device, select My Card or My Number.

On an Android Smartphone, select the ME contact. You will see your phone number and any other contact information here.

Due to the difference in user interface across different phone models, you need to go through different processes to find your EE number from your Phone.

On an iPhone: There are two ways to locate your mobile number in the menus. Go to Contacts and then My Number if you have an Apple iPhone.

Log in to My EE

The official app of EE is called My EE, which offers its users a wide range of services. Checking your data consumption, remaining balance, validity, recharging any EE phone, learning about different recharge plans, and top-up choices are just a few examples. If you stay linked with your EE phone number, you may also check your number with this app.

Other alternatives to find my number EE include the following:

  • Call or send a text message to a family member or a friend if you have airtime on your EE SIM card, and your number will appear on their phone screen.
  • Visit the retail outlet of the EE network.
  • If you have a contract for a mobile phone and the paperwork is readily available, check for your ee number on your paper bill, initial contract, or upgrade papers.
  • If you have access to your mobile phone account that you have set up, then log into your account online.

From my EE number via phone call

Call 07953 966250 on your EE mobile phone to get in touch with an EE customer support agent from an EE landline.

Find my EE number: check your contract.

Your mobile number will be printed on any documents pertaining to the mobile phone contract you have on hand. You can locate your number on your initial contract, upgrade documentation, or any paper bills you get.

To check your EE bills online, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your EE account
  2. Select “SEE THIS BILL”
  3. Click on the menu
  4. Select any of the bills you want to see

Find my EE number on the SIM's packaging.

The SIM card's packaging may have the number for your SIM card. If you want to find it, you must take your mobile Phone's SIM card out if you don't have the original packaging.

See my EE number calling a friend.

Another way to find your EE number is to call a friend. When they receive your call, they will see your EE number, and then they can write it down and send it to you. It is pretty straightforward.

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