Is EE Network down? How to check it and fix your connection issues

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Last update: September 26, 2023
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EE network down is probably one of the most frustrating experiences for its users. This article explores how you can check and fix your connection issues.

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Is EE Network down? How to check it

Is the EE network down? This has been a question that many users have been asking for a while. Several EE customers have recently been experiencing an EE network down. Since EE revealed disruptions, mobile users in the UK are having problems connecting to the company's mobile network. The corporation has made public statements regarding the problems, especially mobile signals, limiting access to its network.

EE customers in towns around the UK have not been able to access the network for a while, with engineers working on getting it back up and running as soon as possible. The outages have been reported across the country. However, there are some areas where more customers are affected than others, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Some people reported problems accessing the internet on their devices. Others reported issues sending text messages, and other users said there had been a total blackout of all services.

EE has a web page where you can find out if there are any EE network down problems in your area. To use this feature, enter your postcode on the EE Coverage And Network Status Checker on the company website. My Places is a cutting-edge tool available in the EE Mobile Coverage and Network Status Checker that enables you to get network information regarding your most crucial areas.

You will automatically receive emails or texts about planned maintenance or known issues in the five locations you select (such as your neighbourhood or the house of a loved one), as long as you save the postcodes.

EE Network down: What to do?

Whenever you are experiencing an EE network down, you can use the EE Coverage And Network Status Checker on the company website. If there is a problem in your area, you can report the problem. You can also try turning off your phone and turning it back on again to see if you would be able to connect. You can contact the EE network customer service with another phone if this does not work.

The Error 38 Code

The error 38 code is a problem faced by users attempting to access the internet on their mobile phones or send a message. Error code 38 indicates a network problem that prevents you from sending messages.

Unfortunately for users, this mistake frequently persists for a considerable time before engineers figure out how to fix the issue. If you ever have this problem in the future and think it might be on your end, there are several measures you can take to try to get it back up and running.

First, ensure your smartphone is connected to the data network and not in Airplane mode.

You can try rebooting your device to reconnect to the network if your mobile device is connected, but you still have trouble connecting. You can also take out and put your SIM card back in before turning the phone back on.

However, in cases where the EE network is down and you check the signal with the EE Network Status Checker, everything appears to be fine in your area. There are several things you can do. These things include:

  1. Check if your landline phone is working.
  2. Turn off your router and on again: Turn off the router by pressing the back switch. Turn off your computer or gadget. Turn everything back on after 30 seconds, but be calm because everything can take three to four minutes to come back online.
  3. Verify the status of your service: Your broadband account might not be active yet if you recently joined EE or moved homes. After your activation date, your services will begin to operate. Before contacting the business, give it up to 24 hours.
  4. Ensure your router has lights: The power light may be off. Ensure the router's power wires are plugged in correctly, turned on at the mains, and plugged into a power outlet.
  5. Check if your account has not been cut off: We may have paused your account if you haven't settled your payment. You won't be able to use the internet as a result. We should have sent you an email outlining this by now. To check if you have an unpaid amount on your account and to make a payment, log in to My EE.

EE Network Down: Common Broadband Issues

According to EE, the problem is only being noticed on mobile devices now; neither their broadband nor landline services are experiencing any problems.

EE Network Down: 4G Connections Issues

EE has recently announced that they are experiencing issues with their 4G connectivity. These issues include users' inability to use their phones to make phone calls, with some claiming they were also unable to receive calls and inability to access the internet, among others. They have informed users that the issue is being worked on and will be resolved soon. If you are experiencing problems with your EE 4G connection, please try to restart your device and check back later.

If the problem persists after several hours, please contact EE customer service for troubleshooting steps or further assistance.

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