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Glide Business: broadband and voice solutions with your company in mind

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Glide business solutions are tailored to meet your business's internet and Voice needs wherever it is in the United Kingdom. This article will discuss Glide business solutions, including voice solutions, business broadband and more.

Glide for business: what does it offer?

Glide for business offers a range of solutions for common communications that your business may face. Glide business connects businesses in hard-to-reach areas in the United Kingdom to ultra-fast internet speeds by unleashing full-fibre potential.

The table below provides a summary of their most outstanding offers.

Offers Features
Full business fibre broadband Glide’s fastest service in history.Speeds of up to 1Gbps to keep your business connected round the clock.
Glide voice Keep your mobile when you move to a cloud-based mobile system
4G Enjoy superfast 4G connection when you broadband connection goes off. Keep in touch with customers 24/7.
Wifi 6 Enjoy super fast connection with the most update wifi technology.

Business broadband on Glide

With Glide fibre business broadband, you can enjoy superfast speeds of up to 1Gbps. You also get added benefits such as a cloud voice phone system, 4G multi-network back up and more.

The table below summarizes the three different Glide fibre business broadband plans.

Packages Features
Broadband only
  • Excellent for small enterprises that require high-speed internet access
  • 1Gb ultra-fast fibre with a guaranteed 20Mbps speed
  • speeds that are equal for download and upload
  • One business day Service Legal Agreement (SLA)
  • Ideal for expanding enterprises with numerous users who want constant connectivity
  • 1Gbps ultra-fast fibre with a minimum 50Mbps speed guarantee
  • speeds that are equal for download and upload
  • 4G multi-network backup Wi-Fi 6 up to 700 Mbps Cloud voice phone system 1 working day SLA
  • Ideal for large enterprises that consume a lot of data and use cloud services
  • 1Gbps ultra-fast fibre with a guaranteed 100Mbit/s minimum speed
  • speeds that are equal for download and upload
  • Wi-Fi 6 up to 750 Mbps, 4G multi-network backup, and a one-working-day SLA for the cloud voice phone system

Voice solutions on Glide Business

There is little information available on voice solutions on Glide business. However, like other options provided by Glide's competitors, we know that it uses Voice over internet technology, which allows you to connect to your customers anywhere.

It's also likely that it includes video conferencing and instant messaging. There is no way of knowing exactly what it has at the moment.

Other solutions available on Glide Business

Every corporate broadband plan comes equipped with the following features:

  • Additional optional services related to broadband include:
  • VoIP and other commercial services are provided using MPLS systems, which enable secure connections between sites.
  • Web-based backup solutions

Glide business review

Glide is an internet service provider that provides high-speed internet solutions to businesses in metropolitan regions, business parks, industrial estates, and multi-occupancy structures.

Glide offers specialized networks and backhaul services to other internet providers, both domestically and abroad. A 10-gigabit ethernet core supports their national grid, with locations in Manchester, the Midlands, and London.

They also provide fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC), fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP), and sub-loop-unbinding leased lines with high capacity and ultrafast broadband (SLU).

Switching to Glide Business Broadband

You may verify Glide's coverage and broadband speeds in your area on their website if you decide to switch. Call them to discuss a package that suits your needs and to get a quote before switching.

Installation of Glide Business Broadband

Installations of Glide are not described in any depth.

Glide Business Broadband Availability

Most of the UK is covered by glide business broadband, albeit not all places will have access to higher-speed fibre. On their website, you may use your postcode to check.

Support, Customer Service and Reporting Faults on Glide Business Broadband

You can call 02476 998 998 to report a service problem or fault. Customers that need after-hours service can contact a different number. As an alternative, you may email them from this page.

Contact Glide Business Broadband

You can use this number to contact Glide:

Contact information: 02476 997 222

You can also visit the website at glidegroup.co.uk.

Pros and Cons of Glide Business Broadband


  • Give other ISPs access to the network
  • Solely provide leased lines or high-speed internet
  • Offers several different package tiers
  • Provides MPLS solutions so that companies can safely link across sites.


  • Very little details about the available programmes and their costs
  • Very few client testimonials
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