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Glide reviews: how good are their internet packages and solutions?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Glide reviews should be the first place to start if you plan to subscribe to Glide's internet services. This article will provide as much information as possible to help you make up your mind about subscribing to Glide internet services.

Glide reviews: how good is it?

Glide has a rating of 3.8 stars on Trustpilot based on almost nine thousand customer reviews across the UK. This is a fair rating compared to other popular network companies such as BT, Virgin, and EE, which have ratings of 1.4,2.0,2.2 stars, respectively.

A common positive about this company is that its customer care is responsive: customer care representatives are available round the clock to listen to your complaints and fix your problems. Customer service is the beacon on which businesses build. The assurance that whenever you have a problem, you can easily reach out and fix it is a major factor in why many customers choose to do business with particular companies.

According to the reviews on Trustpilot, Glide also has a simple sign-up process. For many users, an uncomplicated sign-up process is important because they want an uninterrupted connection to necessities such as internet services, gas, and electricity supply. Having a simple sign-up process means a quick set-up and fewer complications using the services.

The main reason why Glide is rated so favorably is its pricing. Glide provides great services for a fraction of what popular competitors charge. They also have different plans for people in varying financial categories. For example, Glide has broadband plans for students, house owners, and tenants.

Glide broadband reviews

This section will talk about glide broadband reviews. We shall compare key aspects of glide broadband, such as speed, availability, and pricing, against popular broadband service providers.


Glide Broadband, ranked 26th nationwide out of 96 providers in the UK, has a better speed range than Sky Broadband, according to speed test research. With 36% speed test results exceeding 50 Mbps, Sky Broadband comes in at 66. 65% of the results of the Glide speed test, in contrast, were greater than 50 Mbps.

The fastest individual result of 46,899 speed tests recorded on the Glide network was 1,075 Mbps. The fastest result out of 4,376,796 Sky Broadband network testing was 1,992 Mbps.

Let's compare Glide's average broadband speed to that of BT. Only 45% of BT's speed test results are above 50 Mbps. In contrast, 65% of the results of the Glide speed test were greater than 50 Mbps.


Glide broadband is a medium-sized broadband service available in over a hundred towns and cities in the United Kingdom. The tables below show a sample of towns where Glide is fastest and also where it is slowest.

Fastest towns and cities

City Ranking Average speeds (Mbps)
Melton Mowbray 1 306.84
Stoke Gifford 2 274.25
Redbridge 3 245.1
Woking 4 209.36

Slowest towns and cities

City Ranking Average speeds (Mbps)
Sunderland 1 9.19
Southwark 2 10.02
Broomfield 3 13.27
Cheshire West and Chester 4 16.25


Glide broadband is more expensive than Sky and BT. Glide's standard broadband costs £39.98 per month, whereas equivalent service costs £25 and £29.99 on Sky and BT, respectively. The only benefit of Glide's standard broadband as regards pricing is the contract length which is six months. Compared to Sky and BT, which have contract lengths of eighteen months and twenty-four months, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that Glide's broadband cost drops considerably when you bundle it with other utility services such as water and electricity.

Reviews on Glide: pros and cons for students

Below is a list of pros and cons for Glide students


  1. Bundle up all your utilities: electricity, TV, gas, broadband, and water.
  2. Each tenant is responsible for their bills.
  3. Shorter contract lengths.
  4. Good customer service


  1. Broadband tariffs are exorbitant.
  2. They use estimated billing for utilities such as gas and electricity. You can get past this problem by asking your landlord to install a meter.

Glide reviews: landlord and wholesale agents

With Glide, landlords and wholesale agents can supply all tenants with ultrafast broadband services, 100% green energy from TotalEnergies, and water from all suppliers in England and Wales. All without moving a finger; all they have to do is contact glide, and they will handle the rest.

Below are some of the things landlords and wholesale agents stand to enjoy when using Glide.

  1. If there is a problem, Glide's 24/7 broadband service centre deals with your tenants directly, and they may assist you in resolving payment concerns.
  2. Provide your tenants with all-inclusive bills. 77% of tenants, according to recent surveys, consider bills-inclusive rent to be necessary or useful while looking for a new house.
  3. Glide manages tenancy transitions, smoothly transferring the new tenants to Glide and allowing you to move or remain with Glide.
  4. Every landlord and agent who works with Glide receives the benefit of a dedicated account manager who is always available by phone or email to guarantee that your account is maintained consistently and that Glide's service is always personalised.
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