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Broadband on Glide: deals for students and residential customers

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Glide broadband is an affordable alternative to big broadband companies. It offers several broadband prices and packages. Here we will look at the different prices for Glide broadband.

Broadband deals in Glide

Broadband is a necessity for the modern day. With the plethora of TV and movie streaming services, the demand for high-speed internet has grown. If your internet is inadequate, then you will miss out on the latest TV shows (unless you still watch them on TV), as well as being able to stream movies and catch up on the latest news as it happens. There are a lot of broadband deals to be found on the market, but how can you know if they are the right option for you? We are here to give you a better idea of what you can get on Glide.

Glide broadband prices: how much does it cost?

The reality of Glide broadband is that it is almost impossible to get a precise figure on the actual cost of this service. Users usually have to.

Based on the download speeds that at least 50% of Glide users' customer base can reach during peak hours, average peak time speeds are calculated (between 8 pm to 10 pm as defined by Ofcom).

You might experience slower speeds than the typical peak-time quoted speeds or any other speed estimate we offer. This is because the broadband service's quality and speed rely on environmental factors such as weather and geography, among others, over which we have no influence.

Residential broadband from Glide

The internet is the heart of many people's businesses. With a solid provider, it can be easier to keep up, especially if your competitors are more established and willing to spend more on their connections. Glide, however, is a relatively new company looking to dominate the market for residential service.

To learn more about Glide Residential broadband services, follow these easy steps:

Ask for a free estimate.

Just a few details about your family will do. It only takes a few minutes and is free.

Picking out your services

You can pick whether to store or share your quote with your roommates after selecting the services you require and figuring out the costs.

Join today

If you travel with Glide, it's quite easy—provide Glide with the contact information for your housemates, and we'll get in touch with them and take care of the rest!

Glide broadband for students

With its own fibre network, Glide is the only student broadband provider. For the finest student experience, limitless capability and resilience. Everywhere and whenever is connected across the entire structure. Flexible connectivity that can scale with your traffic, both on campus and throughout the city. Glide was the first to install gigabit internet and wifi 6 in student housing.

They are collaborating with colleges and companies that offer student housing to improve the quality of life for students by providing ultrafast, dependable student wifi and internet.

However, their offering goes beyond the distinguished managed service you would anticipate from Glide. To assist you in meeting your ESG goals, they are at the forefront of providing smart building infrastructure.

The Glide student broadband is listed below:

Glide Fibre: Your black fibre connectivity, which enables you to make full use of student-unlimited Fi's data plans, quicker downloads, and other advantages.

Glide Gigabit: To make online life and learning easier than ever, Glide Gigabit represents a new vision for student experiences beyond accommodations.

Pervasive wifi 6: Experience Wi-enhanced Fi's living environments and reduced learning obstacles today with Glide student wifi.

Other aspects of Glide’s broadband

The alternative energy company Glide specializes in utility services to shared housing residents. They oversee several utilities, such as gas, electricity, water, TV license, phone, and broadband, and they combine them into a single monthly payment for each household member. The management charge for Glide is included in this monthly payment.

The energy supply is estimated based on the property, the renters, and the tariffs. The energy bill is paid using the monthly rate, and if there is a balance due after the contract time, it must be paid.

TV permit

You must have a TV license to view live TV or any BBC programming on iPlayer (it's the law). The UK government has set your TV license charge at £159.00.

The £2.98 Monthly Management Fee (VAT included) per property covers the expense of handling your TV license for you, including splitting the cost with your renters and deferring payment schedules.


To register your supply, Glide will contact your local water provider. It will then divide the cost equally among all housemates so that everyone contributes fairly.

Your local water supplier determines your water fees, which vary from home to home. Glide will never charge more than what you would have paid if you had received your water and sewage services directly from the provider, plus a £1.50 monthly Management Fee per house (inc. VAT).

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