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Last update: May 6, 2024
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If you are looking for an eSIM to have internet while travelling and don't know whether to sign up for Holafly or Nomad, here we explain what each company offers. Comparing prices, features and coverage will help you choose the best option.

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Nomad vs Holafly: comparison of their eSIMs

Before we show you the differences between Holafly and Nomad eSIMs, let's quickly and simply explain what this technology is all about. An eSIM is an electronic card that allows you to have a data plan without a physical SIM.

What is an eSim card?

The GSMA predicts that by 2025, 35% of all smartphone network connections will be made using eSIM technology (1) . As a result, more and more brands are committed to incorporating this technology into their devices. Phone companies are also jumping on the eSIM bandwagon.

In addition, there are companies specialising in the sale of international eSIMs, a product tailor-made for travellers who do not want to pay the high costs of roaming when abroad. This is the case of Nomad eSIM and Holafly, the two brands whose features and offerings are summarised below:

Nomad eSIM vs Holafly: which is better?
Service Holafly Nomad
Coverage More than 160 destinations More than 100 destinations
Technical service Yes Yes
Language English, Spanish, German y French English
Unlimited data Yes No
SMS Pay-As-You-Go No Yes
Purchase Internet without registration Internet with registration
Compatibility Free devices Free devices
Deals 5% discount Variable promotional code

As you can see, an important difference between Nomad and Holafly is that the latter offers unlimited plans for some destinations, while the former does not. In our opinion, this is an aspect to take into account when choosing one brand or the other, because when we go on a trip, not running the risk of running out of data gives us security and peace of mind.

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Holafly and Nomad: which eSIM is cheaper?

Price is a very important factor when choosing a product. However, we recommend that you never make a decision based on price alone. Also look at the customer service of the company you are going to contract with or the additional services it offers.

From the outset, signing up for a travel eSIM is already a way to save money if we compare the price of these virtual cards with the roaming costs that companies apply to many international destinations. However, you also need to look at the difference in tariffs between eSIM brands.

Here yo have some tables so you can compare for yourself the prices offered by Holafly and Nomad eSIMfor some international destinations:

eSIM USA: Holafly vs Nomad pricing
Product Price Data
Holafly USA £77/30 days Unlimited
Nomad Estados Unidos £105/30 days 50GB

In the case of the 30-day USA eSIM, Holafly not only offers you a better price, but you can also enjoy unlimited data with this company. With Nomad eSIM you will pay more and, on top of that, you will have a 50GB limit.

eeSIM Switzerland: Holafly vs Nomad pricing
Product Price Data
Holafly Switzerland 19€/5 días Ilimitados
Nomad Switzerland 4€/7 días 1GB

In the case of the Swiss eSIM, Nomad offers you a lower price, but will one gigabyte be enough for 7 days? With Holafly Switzerland you will pay more for your virtual eSIM, but the service you will receive will also be more complete and you will forget about data consumption.

How do Holafly and Nomad eSIMs work?

The functioning of Nomad and Holafly eSIMs is very similar. Once you have purchased your virtual card, you will receive a QR code that you will need to scan to activate your international data plan for travel. Both companies will send you a document with instructions so you won't have any problems.

In any case, you can contact the customer service department of the brand you are contracting with to resolve any doubts or difficulties. If you speak English, you will be able to communicate perfectly well with either of them, but if you prefer to be attended to in French, Spanish or German, you will have to choose Holafly.

On the other hand, Nomad eSIM has an app available for Android and Apple devices. This tool will allow you to manage your eSIM. In the case of Holafly, the mobile app is already available for iPhone and the Android version will be launched soon.

Holafly vs Nomad coverage

To ensure that their travel eSIMs can be used abroad and users enjoy the best international coverage, Nomad eSIM and Holafly have agreements with the major operators in the destinations for which they sell data plans. Please note, however, that in some less technologically developed countries or in rural areas, coverage may be less or non-existent.

Regarding the destinations available in each of these brands, with Nomad you will be able to travel and have internet in almost 120 destinations, while Holafly sells virtual SIM cards for 160 destinations. Neither brand offers eSIM for every country in the world, but they do offer eSIM for most of them.

Opinions of Holafly and Nomad: who wins?

If you are one of those people who consults the opinions of Trustpilot to know the opinions of other users and thus make sure you buy a good product, we anticipate that, with 4.5 stars, Holafly wins. Nomad, meanwhile, gets 3.1.

In this case, we agree with the assessment of Holafly customers, but, as always, we recommend that you do not base your decisions 100% on what other people may think of a certain product. Keep in mind that each experience is unique.

Our expert opinion

In this case, we agree with the assessment of Holafly customers, but, as always, we recommend that you do not base your decisions 100% on what other people may think of a certain product. Keep in mind that each experience is unique.

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Do you still have doubts about which international data plan to hire to have internet on your trip abroad? Perhaps these other comparisons that we have prepared will help you decide:

Frenquently Asked Questions Holafly vs Nomad

Can I increase my data plan with Holafly and Nomad??

With Nomad you can extend your international data plan in case you need it. With Holafly this possibility does not exist, but you can buy another eSIM if your stay abroad is extended.

Can you check data consumption with Holafly and Nomad eSIM??

Yes, with both brands you can see how much data you have spent through their app. Remember, yes, that the Holafly mobile application for Android is still in development, but it will arrive very soon.

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