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Holafly vs Truphone: plans and deals | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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In short

Holafly and Truphone are companies that offer internet connection abroad without roaming charges. Holalfly offers a quick and easy mobile connection thanks to eSIM cards. Truphone has a wide range of tariffs and you can renew your tariff whenever you need to. Holalfly or Truphone, Which one will you choose?

Contrata una eSIM con Holafly

Holafly vs Truphone: comparative

Holafly and Truphone are two companies that offer instant internet connection thanks to the eSIM. This virtual card works thanks to a chip installed in the mobile phone that avoids having to depend on the physical card, which means that you can install the card at the time of contracting it and never be without internet.

All the information you need on the use and functioning of eSIM.

Surely you are planning a trip and have wondered how to have internet on your mobile, both companies have a large catalogue of international data plans and different destinations so you have the option to decide which one you prefer. Here is a comparison table to give you an overview of Holafly and Truphone.

Holafly vs SimOptions: which is most suitable?
Service Holafly Truphone
Coverage Over 160 destinations Over 115 destinations
Technical service Yes Yes
Languaje English, Spanish, German and French Several languages
Unlimited data Yes No
Purchase Unregistered Internet Through the app
Compatibility Free devices Free devices
Promotions 5% discount No

Holafly and Truphone: prices according to destination

In relation to the variety of plans available, both companies have internet in many countries and, in addition, within each destination you can find different tariffs so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Truphone plans are divided into global, regional and local plans. Holafly, on the other hand, divides its tariffs into regional and local plans. To make it easier to compare the two companies, here is a table comparing the prices of some of the most popular tariffs.

eSIM USA: Holafly vs Truphone
Product Cost Data
Holafly USA £59/30 days Unlimited
Truphone eSIM USA £20/30 days 10GB
eSIM Mexico: Holafly vs Truphone
Product Cost Data
Holafly Mexico £64/30 days Unlimited
Truphone Mexico £27/30 days 5GB

As you can see there are changes in both the price and the gigabytes offered. Depending on your travel needs we recommend you to choose one or the other. For example, if you are going to use a lot of internet, which is quite common when you travel, we recommend Holafly.

One of the aspects that you also have to take into account is the countries that are included in each rates. Depending on the route of the trip, check that the countries you want to visit are included so that you don't run out of internet. If you are looking for more local destinations, here are some comparative tables:

eSIM Europe: Holafly vs Truphone
Product Cost Data
Holafly Europe £29/10 days Unlimited
Truphone Europe £6/1 day 1GB
eSIM Switzerland: Holafly vs Truphone
Product Cost Data
Holafly Switzerland £19/5 days Unlimited
Truphone Switzerland £4/4 days 1GB

As you can see Holafly prices are higher but you must take into account that you will have unlimited data, so you don't have to worry about not having internet. If you choose Holafly we leave you a 5% discount to make your purchase more economical.

Get a 5% discount when you sign up for Holafly eSIM.

One of the issues you should bear in mind is that eSIM cards are not compatible with all devices, so before signing up for a tariff you should check whether your device can use this technology.

Holafly or Truphone: which coverage is best?

One of the most important areas of concern that we need to know about is coverage. This can be a decisive point when deciding between Truphone and Holafly, regardless of the data available or the price.

We have to say that both operators work with leading phone companies in each country so the coverage they have is quite good. Thanks to the Holafly and Truphone eSIM you can surf at maximum speed regardless of the tariff.

One thing to bear in mind is that if you go to rural areas, coverage may not be as good or even non-existent, regardless of the operator you choose. In relation to the countries in which they are available, the rates are as follows:

  • Holafly: available in over 160 destinations.
  • Truphone: available in more than 115 destinations.

Truphone or Holafly: how do they work?

Truphone and Holafly both offer instant internet connection via eSIM, but there are differences between the two companies when it comes to purchasing and installing the card.

To sign up for the Hola eSIM is very simple, you can purchase it through their website, here are the steps to follow to enjoy a mobile connection:

  1. Select and buy the tariff Choose the desired destination and the data plan that best suits your needs.
  2. Scan the QR code Immediately after purchasing the deal you will receive an email with the steps to follow for install the rate.
  3. Install the data plan Follow the steps on the screen to install the data plan and enjoy your trip.

In order to install the eSIM with Truphone you have to download an application. The steps to follow are very simple. The application is used to buy, manage and renew the tariff, that is to say, you will be able to make the most of the card thanks to the application.

Download the Truphone app
Disponible en Google PlayConsíguelo en el App Store

Neither Truphone nor Holalfly are complex to purchase and install, on the contrary, with a few simple steps and quite quickly you can enjoy an internet connection. As not all smartphones are compatible with the eSIM, here are a few brands to check out:

Holafly and Truphone, What are their reviews?

One of the aspects that we usually look at when we hire a product is the user reviews. With Truphone and Holafly it could not be the other way. However, don't just focus on these opinions, they can vary depending on the experience of each user and, as a general rule, bad experiences are remembered more than good ones.

According to Trustpilot, one of the references when it comes to user reviews of products, we can find that Holalfly has almost 13.000 reviews and a score of 4.5 out of 5, while Truphone only has a score of 1.9.

Holafly or Truphone: Roams recommendation

After analysing different points and comparing Truphone and Holafly, at Roams we have chosen the last one, here's why.

Not worrying about running out of data during the trip is an important point, Holalfly offers unlimited data on most of its tariffs. On the other hand, for some of Truphone destinations, the maximum you can select is 5GB.

Both companies have a fairly simple purchase process, but it should be noted that with Holalfly you do not need to download an application in order to complete the process, you only need to download the app if you wish to do so, it is not a prerequisite.

In relation to the destinations offered Holafly also wins. With this company you can have internet in more than 160 destinations. However, it should be noted that it does not have a global plan, a tariff that Truphone has.

In order for you to have all the facts, here are some lists with the advantages and disadvantages of Holafly:

Advantages eSIM Holafly

  • More than 160 different destinations with several data plans.
  • Possibility of having internet at the moment of contracting the tariff. An email is sent with a QR code.
  • Agreements with major telephone companies in different countries.
  • Keep using the same phone number so you don't miss anything.

Disadvantages of Holafly eSIM

  • The ability to share data with other devices is not available on all tariffs.
  • Only includes data, not calls. To be able to call with your mobile phone, you can use one of the applications that allow calls using data, such as WhatsApp.

Holafly vs Truphone FAQs

Can Holafly and Thruphone tariffs be renewed?

It depends, with Truphone you can renew the contracted tariff from the My Truphone application. However, with Holafly you cannot renew your data.

Is it possible to surf at 5G speed with Truphone or Holafly?

The answer is no. At the moment these companies only offer 4G speeds that are available in a wide range of countries.

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