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How to log in to Hyperoptic: set up and manage your personal account.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Hyperoptic login is easy when you know your way around it. This article will explain how to create a Hyperoptic account, log in, and manage your account; cancel it or transfer it if you choose to do so.

How to log in to Hyperoptic?

If you're a new Hyperoptic customer or have just switched to the service, here is how you can get up and running with your account.

Following your service order, you will get a link to confirm your My Account Hyperoptic and create your Hyperoptic login information. After that, you can access your Hyperoptic account on the Hyperoptic website.

Online ordering is possible. All you have to do is visit the Hyperoptic homepage and check your postcode. You can order them online if they are offered at your address.

First time logging in to Hyperoptic? Create an account

As a new customer, you will receive an email from Hyperoptic informing you how to create your Hyperoptic account and password for your My Account page. This page is where you can see your personal information and view or change key details about your account, such as adding an email address for yourself or family members, changing the delivery method for your broadband, and making sure that we have the correct phone numbers for your broadband connection.

What can you do from your Hyperoptic account?

You can manage various things through My Account, including updating your direct debit information, paying bills, keeping track of orders, and much more.

You can maintain control and keep your account information current by logging in. Additionally, you may see the current status of your service and, in the unlikely event of an outage, learn more about the solution and expected duration.

Frequently asked questions about the Hyperoptic login.

  1. How much does Hyperoptic cancellation cost?

You can cancel your Hyperoptic account free of charge.

  1. Does Hyperoptic need a phone line?

No, a phone line is not required to connect to Hyperoptic.

  1. How do I reset my Hyperoptic Login password when I forget?

Click Forgotten password if you can't remember your My Account password. You will get an email containing a code that you may use to change your account login information.

Can I cancel my Hyperoptic account?

It's incredibly simple to terminate your Hyperoptic account. There are cancellation penalties (for each month remaining on your package, plus any outstanding charges).

Hyperoptic demands 30 days' notice of cancellation, which includes our monthly rolling packages, following the Terms of Service.

Follow these simple steps to cancel your Hyperoptic account:

  • Dial the helpline at 0333 332 1111.
  • Request to talk with a rep.
  • Please give them the contract number and customer information.
  • Get the termination of your Hyperoptic account and request an email confirmation.

Can I cancel my Hyperoptic account if I move to an area where Hyperoptic services Aren't provided?

You can, indeed. The normal cancellation conditions of either 30 days' notice (after your minimum period) or payment of the service termination fee (calculated based on the number of months (s) of service remaining for your minimum period of services) will apply if we are unable to supply services to your new premises.

The service termination cost determines how long your minimum period has left. You can find out the cancellation cost and other terms of your agreement by contacting our customer service department at support@hyperoptic.com or by calling 0333 332 1111.

Can I transfer my Hyperoptic login account?

You can, indeed. Suppose you appoint a person to manage your Hyperoptic account on your behalf. In that case, that person will have full access to your account, including the power to make payments, keep track of your service, ask for account adjustments, and more. Please be advised that while both parties may delete a nominee, only the account holder may add a nominee.

Additionally, ensure the person you wish to designate is okay with it. Also, remember that since you are still the account holder, the nominated third party is not responsible for any alterations or charges made to your account.

Log in to My Account and visit the Profile section if you want to grant someone else the authority to manage your Hyperoptic account on your behalf. Alternatively, you can place a call to 0333 332 1111 or email the customer service department at support@hyperoptic.com.

Can I move my Hyperoptic service with me?

Moving your Hyperoptic service is cost-free and quick if you move within the same building. Service at your new location can be started immediately or after our equipment has been installed, depending on whether an installation appointment is required.

If Hyperoptic is still on site when you move to a new building, they will be able to continue to serve you. They will typically treat you as a new client when providing their services to you at your new residence.

You may decide to register your interest via the website if Hyperoptic does not already offer their service to your new address. The quicker they can install in a facility, the greater the demand they perceive there, and you'll also get regular updates on their progress.

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