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Hyperoptic availability and coverage: check where their services are available

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Hyperoptic availability has extended to several cities in the UK. Like any company that provides services to the public, it is important to know exactly where they are offering their services. This article will help you understand what Hyperoptic covers regarding availability and coverage.

Where is Hyperoptic available?

The fastest Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) broadband provider in the UK is Hyperoptic, whose symmetrical gigabit services are nearly 135 times faster than conventional ASDL rates. The last mile copper component in Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) connections, which causes peak-time slowdowns, buffering, and aggravating timeouts, is eliminated by installing fibre into the building.

With the introduction of Hyperoptic, residents and local businesses can expect a fundamental change in how they can access the Internet. At the moment, Mitcham, which has a maximum speed of 930.54 Mbps, and Caddington, which has a maximum speed of 379.29 Mbps, are the fastest and slowest cities, respectively, according to FairIntenet Report data.

To increase Hyperoptic coverage, Hyperoptic is investing in cities all over the country. New places are expressing interest all the time. More than 100 locations are currently accepting orders, and more than 400 additional locations have installation dates set for the next six months.

Is hyperoptic available in my area?

In several major cities, including Hammersmith, Islington, Wandsworth, Greater London, and Tower Hamlets, hyperoptic broadband is accessible. Its fastest broadband speeds in these cities range from 534 Mbps to 930 Mbps. Maximum internet speeds range from 0 to 363 Mbps in the smaller cities that Hyperoptic Broadband covers, including Hexton, Croxden, Beckley and Stowood, Dorney, and Bathampton, with the majority of its customers experiencing rates between 117 and 363 Mbps.

Check your broadband availability with Hyperoptic.

Hyperoptic broadband is one of the fastest broadband services in the UK, but to get it, you need to make sure they are available in your area. The easiest way to check Hyperoptic availability in your area is by using the Hyperoptic postcode checker on the hyperoptic availability map. This uses data from the postcode database and will be accurate 99.9%+ of the time. If the postcode checker is insufficient, you can use the addresses lookup tool to get a more detailed report.

Is Hyperoptic not available? Register your interest

Suppose Hyperoptic service is not yet offered at your location. In that case, you can express interest in letting us know where we are needed. After you register, Hyperoptic will send you an email to keep you informed of any developments. You will be the first to know if the service is ever made accessible for your property. Additionally, since you expressed interest, you will receive a special additional discount if you decide to place an order.

Currently, they categorize their coverage requirements into four groups: Live, Installing, Taking Orders, and Registering Interest. It is a good idea to express interest if there isn't enough demand in your neighbourhood to support installation. Once the numbers add up, they'll take orders and install the service.

Therefore, if you reside in one of their broad coverage zones, it is a good idea to generate as much interest among residents of the same apartment building or housing development. Ask your neighbours whether they would be interested in installing an FTTH connection, and then encourage them to check out the advantages of Hyperoptic's service by visiting the company's website.

Future Hyperoptic availability and rollout plans

Given how challenging it is to deploy fibre to a building, Hyperoptic is sensibly focusing on large apartment buildings where they can install the fibre connection to the building itself once and then pipe it through to individual apartments rather simply. By 2024, Hyperoptic wants to reach five million additional residences with its network.

Similar to new construction, installation is frequently simpler because new homes are frequently built to take FTTH connections in a way that older homes are not. You can have trouble getting Hyperoptic installed if your home is older because the costs might not be quite worth it right now. However, as they continue to expand, this could change, so it's always worthwhile to register your house.

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