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Is KCOM internet down? How to check your broadband status

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Last update: September 27, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Your KCOM internet being down can feel like your life has been halted. Suddenly, you have no internet access to Livestream your favorite TV shows or browse the internet. It will feel equally frustrating for business owners, but no need to worry. With the help of this article, you get informed on what to do if your KCOM broadband is down, how to report an outage, and so much more.

Is KCOM internet down? How to check it

There are several ways to check if your KCOM internet is down. You can;

  • Examine the internet signal light.
  • Verify the WiFi light.
  • Try testing your connection using an Ethernet cable.

The list above shows how to check your internet connection, but you can always check the KCOM down detector. On the KCOM down detector website, you get to select the issue you are having. The issues can be between landline internet, total blackout, or TV streaming. If your problem doesn't fall under any of the three, fill in your technical issues into a white box icon with "something els" written. The down detector also helps you detect if the network issue is limited to only you or if it is a general issue.

What to do if your KCOM internet or broadband is down

At this point, you must have confirmed that your KCOM broadband is down and are wondering what to do next. You can start by rebooting your router. If that doesn't work out, contact the KCOM technical team at 01482 606101 to make a complaint.

There's the chance you might have to upgrade to a faster broadband package. If your internet fails, you might consider upgrading to a different subscription for faster service.

Your router might be old and overdue for the latest version. With all these solutions listed, the most reliable and reasonable would be to contact the KCOM team. Not only would the team guide you on what to do, but they'd also confirm the KCOM service status to clarify if you are on the right path to restoring your internet.

KCOM internet is down: report an outage

Reporting a KCOM internet outage requires you to visit the outages.co.uk website for KCOM. You will see a red box icon on the website with "report a problem" written on it. Click the icon, and several options will pop up. You choose the one that best fits your situation.

You can also scroll down the page and fill in the comment section. There you are required to input the following:

  • Name
  • Email (will not be published)
  • Your message with postcode and city.

KCOM has social media handles. On Twitter, they are @KCOMcare. Clients have been known to tweet about internet outages. On the down detector of KCOM, you can leave a comment concerning the state of your network.

Frequently asked questions about KCOM's network status.

Will I get a refund if my KCOM broadband is down?

KCOM has confirmed its intention to sign up for a national program that will automatically compensate customers with subpar service. From 2019, broadband customers who encounter a delay in repair after a service loss will receive £8 per day in compensation. It follows proposals announced by the government's communications regulator, Ofcom, wherein customers will automatically receive compensation without asking their provider

Can I get my broadband fixed faster if I am a business customer?

Any company that depends on internet access can ill afford connectivity troubles. KCOM service providers know that company interruptions are far more important than those affecting a family or an individual. As a result, you can anticipate enhanced and prioritized service, reduced wait times, and quicker repairs with business broadband accounts.

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