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How to cancel Plusnet

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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You may want to switch to another provider for a deal, or you simply want to cancel your broadband contract with Plusnet. Let's see what you need to consider and the steps to take for cancellation.

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How can I contact Plusnet?

Contact Plusnet by calling 0808 169 2448. You can also write to Plusnet by sending a letter stating your intention to cancel and including your name, telephone number, address where the service is located and your account number.

How good is Plusnet Customer Service?

Plusnet have mixed reviews online regarding their customer service team. They have a 1.4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. In recent years, they changed their billing system which led to major problems. They have recovered somewhat from these issues and provide a reasonable standard of customer care.

What are the steps to cancelling?

  1. First, you should check your contract terms.
  2. Before you cancel Plusnet get in touch with customer services and find out when your current deal ends. Cancelling a broadband package in the middle of a contract will mean you have to pay an early termination fee, and this can be quite expensive depending on how long you have left in your contract terms. Unless completely necessary, you're always better off waiting until the end of the contract term.
  3. The easiest way to end your Plusnet broadband service is to choose a new provider on the same Openreach (BT line) network that Plusnet. This way, your new provider will notify Plusnet and handle the transfer of your line. This is the most hassle-free way to switch. 

If you are cancelling without switching or moving to Virgin Media or another ISP which does not use Openreach telephone lines, then you'll need to call Plusnet or write to them to cancel your contract.

What are the early cancellation fees?

Early cancellation fees occur if you cancel your contract while still within the minimum length. Plusnet calculate these fees in the following manner:

  • Your monthly charge, including any discounts is calculated
  • The current rate of VAT is deducted
  • The charge is then reduced to take account of any costs Plusnet save because of you leaving early, such as wholesale costs
  • 1% for early payment is then deducted
  • This figure is multiplied by the remaining months of your minimum term to get the final charge you owe. Any part month will be charged daily on a pro rata basis. Any remaining credit on your account will be taken off your total.


How much notice do I have to give to cancel?

Plusnet requires 14 days' notice for cancellation.

Do I need to return my Plusnet Wi-Fi router or TV box?

If you are out of contract, you can retain your Plusnet router or TV box for no charge. If you're still in contract, they will need to be returned - ask Plusnet for free postage-paid packaging.

Can I cancel for free if my Plusnet broadband is too slow?

Ofcom regulates a speed code of practice, which give consumers the right to leave a provider if they cannot provide a minimum speed. If you speak to technical support and they confirm that your line is performing below expectations and they cannot fix it, you have the right to cancel without any charges. This is important to note, because you can avoid serious cancellation fees if the fault is nothing to do with your location.

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