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Last update: October 12, 2023
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Depending on what services you are having trouble with or need information about the Plusnet customer service team will do their best to help you with everything you need to make sure that you enjoy the Plusnet services such as Plusnet broadband and Plusnet mobile services. 

What is Plusnet mobile customer service number? 

Plusnet has a lot of different services so it is important for customers to be able to contact the Plusnet customer service team when they have an issue or questions about Plusnet mobile services. 

Therefore, Plusnet mobile provides a Plusnet mobile customer service number that customers can use to call when they need help from the Plusnet mobile customer service team. 

The Plusnet mobile customer service number is 0800 432 0200 from within the UK and if you are calling from abroad Plusnet customers must dial +44 345 140 0200. 

However, the customers must remember the Plusnet customer service hours, which is 9am to 6pm every day. Plusnet stands out compared to other mobile network providers because there are other carriers that don't open 7 days a week. 

So if you have issues with any of Plusnet's services at any day of the week the Plusnet mobile customer service team is ready to help you. 

Plusnet customer service Live chat

However, if you feel that calling is not the best way for you to contact the Plusnet customer service team then there is the Plusnet mobile Live Chat service. 

The Plusnet Live chat service is designed for customers to reach out to the Plusnet customer service team about every Plusnet mobile service. 

For example, customers can chat online about Customer Services &; Technical Support, TV, Sales, Order Tracking Customer Options and Business which is all the Plusnet mobile services. 

However, the opening hours for Plusnet Live chat is different compared to calling the Plusnet mobile customer service team. 

Also, the Plusnet customer service team allows you to solve your own problems by giving customers information about certain services that will help them. 

For example, if a Plusnet customer has a problem with their phone service there is a link in the Plusnet mobile website that will give them information on why it is not working and tips to double check so that the problem is resolved. 

However, if there is no information about your specific issue with Plusnet mobile service then call or chat online to the Plusnet mobile customer service team. 

Plusnet customer service reviews

Although there are a lot of tools to help customers with issues with Plusnet services the Plusnet customer service reviews are very poor according to Trustpilot reviews. 

However, there are still some good reviews that Plusnet customers have given that reflect some of the good work that the Plusnet customer service team does. 

For example, a customer stating that Plusnet has been outstanding for the past 2.5 years which shows the consistency of how good the Plusnet customer service has been over a period of over 2 years for a Plusnet customer. 

The Plusnet customer service needs to use this positive feedback to get better and bring up their Trustpilot rating. 

However, there are negative customer feedback which Plusnet can use to improve on areas that they are lacking and continue to get better ratings for Trustpilot ratings. 

Therefore, the Plusnet customer service team can use both negative and positive customer feedback to improve their customer service performance. 

How can I make a complaint to the Plusnet customer service team

The Plusnet customer service team uses the customers complaints to improve their performance so it is important for customers to know how to make a complaint to the Plusnet customer service team. 

The easiest way is to contact the team by phoning them and making a complaint through the phone at 0800 432 0200 from 7.30am to 10pm every day. This is easy for customers because they contact the Plusnet team any day of the week. 

The second easiest way to chat online on Plusnet Live Chat where customers can express how they feel through an online method of communication. This method is suitable for the youth of the UK as everything is being dealt with online via various chat apps. 

If you prefer to not call or chat online then customers can write to the Plusnet customer service team explaining their complaint. The only problem with contacting the Plusnet team by letter is that it takes 10 days to get a response, customers are advised to call or chat online for a faster response. 

To contact the Plusnet customer service team through post send your post to:

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