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Last update: September 27, 2023
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Depending on which package you sign up for, Plusnet will provide you with one of two routers that they have developed. Read on to see how they perform, and some frequently asked questions in regards to their configuration.

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What router will I get?

If you order the standard 10Mb (ADSL) broadband package, you'll get the basic Hub Zero router. This Hub Zero supports 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, it also has options to change firewall settings, DNS management, Port Forwarding and the option to control device access during selected times. It's not top of the range, but it is a basic router that still offers some level of user control and management. It is light, compact and portable.The nine LEDs on the front give you a clear indication of the status of the device.

PlusNet gives fibre customers the Plusnet Hub 1 router which provides speeds of up to 76 megabit (Mbps). The model is in fact a Technicolour TG582n which is also supplied by Zen Internet (along with other more expensive options) and Be Unlimited (which is folding into Sky). The products should be identical, but our sample came from PlusNet and features the company's logo in the router's settings hence the main review title.

Interestingly, like the controversial Sky Hub, the TG582n is a single band 802.11n 2.4GHz router. This slower wireless standard often struggles to distribute WiFi fast enough to reach fibre broadband speeds.

How do I set up my router?

If you have a Hub 1 router, you will also need the follow equipment to set up:

  • a power supply (this'll come in two parts)
  • an Internet cable with grey ends
  • a microfilter
  • an Ethernet cable (with yellow ends)
  • a handy reference card (stored on the back of your Hub)

Place your router in a central place, away from the kitchen or any water or hazards.

Then, install your microfilters which stop phones and broadband interfering with each other

You won't need microfilters if you've got a double master socket, so the first thing to do is check what type of socket you've got.

Then plug in your hub: Slide the three-pin plug onto the power unit until it clicks into place.

Connect the power cable to the Power socket on the back of your Hub and the other end to a wall socket.

Press the white power button on the back of your Hub to switch it on. It'll click and remain slightly depressed. Wait for the light to turn blue before you carry on.

You can connect to the internet wirelessly or via ethernet cables.

For the standard ADSL broadband router, follow the same steps until you make it to the plugging in and switching on stage. Put the power adapter together by sliding the plug into the main unit (the black box) until you hear it click into place. Then plug this part into a wall socket, and the other side into the back of your router.

Press the black power button on the back of your router to switch it on.

The router's broadband light will then start to flash. Wait for it to turn green. This can take up to five minutes.

How do I reset my router?

You will need to power cycle your router to do a complete reset. Follow these steps:

 To power cycle your Plusnet router

Shut down your computer and any devices that the router is connected to

Press the Power button on the back of the router to power off the router. This is a small black button near the power cable.

Wait a few seconds, then press the button again to power on the router.

Wait a couple of minutes for the router to complete its start-up procedures. The Power and broadband lights should be a steady green. Wait for the internet light to come on/turn green.

Finally, when the router is ready, turn on your computer and wait until the desktop has fully loaded. Then turn on your other devices.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Plusnet advises you to read their troubleshooting guide to check all of the factors that affect routers if you are having an issue. They also offer upgrades to routers for different prices if you contact their customer service at 0800 432 0200 +44 345 140 0200 (from outside the UK).

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