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Broadband and TV on TalkTalk: packages and deals available

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Meta Description: In search of TALKTALK TV AND BROADBAND bundles? Discover all packages available on TalkTalk and how to get them in this article.

Broadband and TV on TalkTalk: packages and deals available

TALKTALK TV AND BROADBAND bundles give individuals amazing entertainment experiences. Some of TalkTalk’s deals include TalkTalk TV and fibre 35, TalkTalk TV and fibre 65, and TalkTalk TV and fibre 150. This post will discuss broadband and TV bundles on TalkTalk and how to get them.


Although most people know TalkTalk offers awesome broadband deals, not many individuals know they bundle TV subscriptions with these deals. They give you access to strong internet connectivity to let you enjoy proper access to the 80 plus Free view channels their TV and broadband deals offer.

An interesting fact about TalkTalk is that all their TV bundles are available only when bundled with broadband packages. So, you’ll need to either sign up for a fibre broadband package or TalkTalk standard ADSL broadband package to enjoy these deals. Signing up for those packages often comes with a landline as well.

These packages by TalkTalk are competitively priced, flexible, and support other streaming services for a little additional cost.

Furthermore, TalkTalk TV and broadband deals come with a TalkTalk TV set top box. This top box allows you to watch catch-up TV for up to 7 days, pause, record, and rewind live TV on over 70 channels.

The packages and deals also let you watch this content on your computer, mobile phone, and other devices at no extra cost. So, you can watch your favourite content anywhere you go on multiple devices simultaneously, allowing your loved ones to catch in on the fun as well.

All TV and broadband packages on TalkTalk

TalkTalk has the following major TV and broadband packages:

TalkTalk TV and Fibre 35.

As the name implies, the broadband aspect of this package comes with Fibre 35 broadband package, which runs at about 38 Mbps. On top of that, the TV aspect of the deal also comes with about 80 plus TV channels, a TV Lite box, and a landline that you can use on a pay-as-you-go basis.

This TV and fibre package is ideal for watching and streaming online videos of average to good quality, especially in homes with about two to three internet users.

TalkTalk TV and Fibre 65

This bundled TV and broadband deal comes with a broadband package that delivers up to 67 Mbps internet speed. In terms of TV, you’ll also get 80 plus Free view channels, a TV Lite box and a landline that you can use on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Furthermore, you can add other streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., at an added cost, depending on the channels you would like to add. This TV and Fibre 65 bundle is ideal for streaming HD videos online. You can also use it for online gaming.

TalkTalk TV and Fibre 150

The TalkTalk TV and Fibre 150 package give you fibre broadband with a speed of about 145 Mbps.

The TV deal comes with a TV Lite box, a landline, and the new TalkTalk router called the Wi-Fi Hub.

The TV package is perfect for streaming ultra HD videos and TV channels at 4K video quality.

Further information about available deals is provided in the table below:

Deal Price Setup Cost Channels
Fibre 150 + TV £33.95 / month £0.00 / month 88
Fast Broadband + TV £28.95 / month £9.95 / month 88
Fibre 35 + TV £29.00 / month £0.00 / month 88
Fibre 65 + TV £30.00 / month £0.00 / month 88

How to get TV and broadband on TalkTalk

You can get TV and broadband on TalkTalk by checking out the availability of your preferred offers in your area. You can do this by filling in your location details starting from your postal code on TalkTalk’s official website. According to TalkTalk's online questionnaire, you can then proceed to fill in some more details about this location.

This helps TalkTalk generate the best available TV and broadband deal based on the available infrastructure and coverage for that location.

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