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Last update: May 29, 2023
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TalkTalk deals are very convenient once you decide which package suits your needs. The company offers broadband, TV and telephone packages to cover all needs. This article talks about deals available on Broadband, TV and Telephone.

Best TalkTalk Deals Available

When it comes to choosing the best deal from TalkTalk, the first thing you have to do is decide what things are important to you. To some people, price is the most important factor and will affect their decision. Other things like download speeds and the number of devices allowed to use the connection are important to others. There are many different TalkTalk deals for new customers. It is important to get the deal that suits you.

Broadband Deals on TalkTalk

TalkTalk offers ultrafast fibre broadband deals on TalkTalk, in addition to phone, TV, and normal internet. It has lightning-fast speeds and great perks like unlimited downloads.

You may choose between average download speeds of 38 Mbps, 67 Mbps, or 150 Mbps with this package, and once more, you get unlimited downloads.

It includes line rental, internet security, a WiFi Hub, and the option to add a TV.

S/N Package Average Speed Downloads Duration Set Up Cost Monthly Cost
1, Full Fibre 65 CityFibre 77Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £22
2. Fibre 35 35Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £25
3. Fast Broadband 11Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £9.95 £24.95
4. Fibre 65 67Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £26
5. Full Fibre 65 77Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £9.95 £24.95
6. Fibre 35 +TalkTalk TV 4K Box 38Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £29
7. Fibre 150 145Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £29.95
8. Full Fibre 150 CityFibre 152Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £29.95
9. Fibre 65 +TalkTalk TV 4K Box 67Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £30
10. Fast Broadband +TalkTalk TV 4K Box 11Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £34.95 £28.95

TV Deals on TalkTalk

Customers of TalkTalk broadband can get TalkTalk TV offers for an extra £4 per month. Therefore, the TV service cost is separate from your broadband package's cost. Its versatility is arguably its best advantage over other digital pay-TV companies. You can choose to add several TV subscription services and pay for them on a month-to-month basis.

Initially, TalkTalk TV provided a selection of add-on TV packages. However, access to alternative services like Freeview, NOW TV, and Netflix through the TalkTalk TV set-top box is gradually replacing this method.

TalkTalk Deals: TV and Internet Package

A TalkTalk broadband and TV package is one of the most affordable ways to obtain subscription TV in the UK.

However, TalkTalk TV is unavailable with TalkTalk's basic Broadband or as a separate subscription; you must use TalkTalk fibre broadband instead.

Here is a summary of TalkTalk TV's main features:

  • The core of TalkTalk TV is the YouView set-top box, which mixes Freeview TV with streaming services and catch-up TV. Obtains 80 Freeview channels, 15 of which are in HD.
  • TV add-ons: Adding streaming services on a rolling-contract basis will give you access to more channels. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and NOW TV subscriptions.
  • Multi-room: Additional YouView boxes can be purchased for an extra fee.
S/N Package TV Channels Average Speed Duration Set Up Cost Monthly Cost
1. Fast Broadband + TV 88+ 11Mbps 18 Months £9.95 £29.50
2. Fibre 35 + TV 88+ 38Mbps 18 Months £0 £29
3. Fibre 65 +TV 88+ 77Mbps 18 months £9.95 £30
4. Fibre 150 + TV 88+ 152Mbps 18 months £0 £33.95

TalkTalk Landline Deals: Broadband and Phone

The TalkTalk broadband and phone deals offer a landline with all TalkTalk broadband. If you frequently use your home phone, you could also want to upgrade your bundle with a more inclusive call plan. You have a few options with TalkTalk, including anytime calls and less expensive international calling options.

The table below shows the information on TalkTalk Phone and Broadband deals available:

S/N Package Average Speed Downloads Duration Set Up Cost Monthly Cost
1, Full Fibre 65+ UK landline and unlimited phone calls 77Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £56
2. Fibre 35 35Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £25
3. Fast Broadband 11Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £9.95 £24.95
4. Fibre 65 67Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £26
6. Fibre 35 + Unlimited UK landline and phone calls 38Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £46
8. Full Fibre 150 + Unlimited UK landline and phone calls 152Mbps Unlimited 18 Months £0 £31.95
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