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TalkTalk TV deals and packages: how to get them and prices

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo

TALKTALK TV offers video-on-demand TV service for broadband subscribers of Fibre 35, 65, 150, and ultrafast packages. In this post, we will talk about Talktalk TV, what it is, the channels included, prices, and how to cancel them.

What is TalkTalk TV?

TALKTALK TV is a video-on-demand television service the TalkTalk brand offers its customers and subscribers. It costs £4 a month, allowing you to select only channels you’re interested in watching.

You can watch TalkTalk TV on all your devices, be it a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The service also helps you organize all your entertainment plans in one place for easy access.

TalkTalk delivers this service via a BT phone line using ADSL or VDSL. You can enjoy TalkTalk TV without worrying about lengthy contracts or rigidity about what you watch because the service gives you the flexibility to add and remove any TV channel you please.

Furthermore, the service gives you about 70 Free view channels depending on your location. However, you might need a roof aerial to watch these channels.

All TalkTalk TV packages and deals

The following is a table of all TalkTalk TV packages and deals.

Deal Price Setup Cost Channels
Fibre 150 + TV £33.95 / month £0.00 / month 88
Fast Broadband + TV £28.95 / month £9.95 / month 88
Fibre 35 + TV £29.00 / month £0.00 / month 88
Fibre 65 + TV £30.00 / month £0.00 / month 88

Fibre 150 + TV

This package is one of the broadband and TV packages meant for ultrafast broadband subscriptions. It is the right package if you’ll be streaming 4K videos and gaming online.

This TalkTalk TV package allows multiple persons, up to five, to stream ultra HD 4K TV and videos simultaneously.

Fast Broadband + TV

The Fast Broadband + TV package comes with the new TalkTalk router, the Wi-Fi Hub. It is ideal for streaming and video content on multiple devices simultaneously. This reliability is backed by one of the UK’s latest technology.

Like most other TalkTalk packages, you’ll get 80 Free view channels, 30 radio channels, and 15 HD channels with the Fast broadband + TV package.

On top of that, you also get the luxury of choosing Netflix, NOW TV, or Amazon Prime on the same package.

Fibre 35 + TV

Combining Fibre 35 broadband and TV in one package lets you stream live TV and video simultaneously on about two devices. It is ideal for individuals who are not heavy internet users.

As illustrated in the table above, you’ll also get 80 Free view channels. Fifteen of these channels are HD channels, and 30 radio channels are included. For a small monthly subscription fee, you can also include Netflix on this package.

Fibre 65 + TV

The Fibre 65 + TV package comes with 88 Free view channels, broadband 65, and an average download speed of 67 Mbps. You’ll also get an advanced wireless hub router to help make your TV entertainment experience enjoyable.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and NOW TV can be added.

What channels are available on TalkTalk?

TalkTalk TV offers three categories of channels. They include the following:

Freeview Channels

Around 80 Free View channels are available on TalkTalk TV so long you have any of the subscriptions described above. These channels span entertainment, radio, HD, news, and interactive. E.g., BBC Radio 1, BBC Red Button, BBC 2 HD, Arise News, 5USA, etc.

Additional IP Channels

Exclusive IP channels are available on TalkTalk TV 4K Box. They deliver the channels directly to your TV box via your fibre connection instead of via your aerial connection. These channels span entertainment, sport, news, movies, etc. Some channels include Fite 24/7, sports news, wedo movies, Gago TV, sofy.tv, Gusto TV, etc.

Additional Channels: NOW Memberships

You can also get additional channels that require NOW memberships, giving you the freedom to add and remove channels you prefer. These channels also often require you to opt-in for a boost from your normal subscription.

Standard boost packages include TV select, Sky sports, sky cinema, BT Sport, etc.

How to cancel TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk is very flexible, and you can cancel your TalkTalk TV packages or remove some deals from your package anytime. However, only a customer representative agent can make these changes.

You can reach this customer representative agent by first calling the customer service team via the official line: 03451720088. When you can reach them, you should ask for a representative of the customer loyalty team. The agent will likely request your customer and contact details. They can then cancel your TalkTalk TV subscription from their end.

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