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TalkTalk network coverage: what network does it use, and availability

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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TalkTalk network is reliable and available to about 99% of UK homes. This article will provide you with up-to-date information about the TalkTalk network, including what network it uses and its coverage and availability. It will also provide steps to check if the network is down in your area.

What network does TalkTalk use?

TalkTalk network uses the Vodafone network.

Like Talkmobile, TalkTalk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that operates on the Vodafone network and was first established as a subsidiary of Carphone Warehouse. They are now a distinct business in their own right. TalkTalk provides pay television, telecom, internet services and mobile phones.

Thanks to their cooperation with Vodafone, you can use your TalkTalk cellphone in 99% of the United Kingdom. Use Vodafone's network status checker to see the current coverage in your area and the most recent details on any modifications that might impact your service.

TalkTalk full fibre network: coverage and availability

To check TalkTalk coverage for full fibre, you will have to visit the TalkTalk website and use their full fibre broadband checker to see if this service is available in your area.

To use the TalkTalk broadband full fibre checker, please follow these steps.

  1. Visit the TalkTalk full fibre broadband checker page. You can do this by typing "TalkTalk full fibre coverage" in your preferred search Engine.
  2. Type your postcode on the TalkTalk full-fibre broadband checker page and click on check.
  3. TalkTalk will show you a list of available offers in your area. If full-fibre is among the options, you can enjoy access to it in your home. If not, you will get other offers.

Please note that the full fibre option is available to only six million homes in the UK.

TalkTalk internet network coverage

Since TalkTalk uses the Vodafone network, 4G Internet coverage is available in over 99% of UK homes, including the following:

  1. Basingstoke
  2. Birmingham
  3. Bournemouth
  4. Bradford
  5. Brighton
  6. Coventry
  7. Dudley
  8. Edinburgh
  9. Epsom
  10. Ewell
  11. Folkestone
  12. Gateshead
  13. Glasgow
  14. Hatfield
  15. Hastings
  16. Hemel Hempstead
  17. Hove
  18. Huddersfield
  19. Jarrow
  20. Leeds
  21. Leicester
  22. Liverpool
  23. London
  24. Manchester
  25. Maidstone
  26. Newbury
  27. Newcastle
  28. Nottingham
  29. Oldham
  30. Pontefract
  31. Portsmouth
  32. Reading
  33. Rotherham
  34. Sheffield
  35. Slough
  36. Stockport
  37. Sunderland
  38. Sutton Coldfield
  39. Staines
  40. Stourbridge
  41. Swinton
  42. Southampton
  43. Tunbridge
  44. Wakefield
  45. Walsall
  46. Watford
  47. Wells
  48. West Bromwich.

Vodafone 5G Coverage

On July 3rd, Vodafone became the second UK network to provide 5G (approximately one month after EE's switch-on date of May 30th).

At the time of writing, at least 127 places had received a 5G upgrade from Vodafone, which had previously only offered 5G in seven cities. Here is a list of locations where Vodafone 5G service is available:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Alexandria
  3. Ambleside
  4. Aughton (Sth Yorks)
  5. Basingstoke
  6. Bebington
  7. Belfast
  8. Birkenhead
  9. Birmingham
  10. Bishopbriggs
  11. Blaydon
  12. Bolton
  13. Bootle
  14. Bournemouth
  15. Bradford
  16. Bristol
  17. Bristol Airport
  18. Cardiff
  19. Cheadle and Gatley
  20. Cheltenham
  21. Chesterfield
  22. Clydebank
  23. Crawley (West Sussex)
  24. Crosby
  25. Dewsbury
  26. Dinas Powys
  27. Droylsden
  28. Dudley (West Midlands)
  29. Dundee
  30. Eccles
  31. Edinburgh
  32. Eston and South Bank
  33. Felling
  34. Gateshead
  35. Glasgow
  36. Gloucester
  37. Gosforth (Tyne & Wear)
  38. Guildford
  39. Hebburn
  40. Helensburgh
  41. Horwich
  42. Huddersfield
  43. Huyton-with-Roby
  44. Inner London
  45. Isles of Scilly
  46. Jarrow
  47. Kingston upon Hull
  48. Kingswood (Bristol)
  49. Lancaster

Is TalkTalk network down: how to check it

Customers of TalkTalk can check online or log into their accounts to discover if the service is down where they are located. The provider will assist in conducting these checks. TalkTalk customers can also call TalkTalk's help desk directly at 0345 172 0088.

Also, checking social media is a good idea to discover if TalkTalk has announced a broad service outage or if other customers are experiencing the same problems as you.

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