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TalkTalk broadband review: fiber, TV Box, and other services

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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TALKTALK BROADBAND REVIEWS show that TalkTalk has a fairly good speed and an average reliability rating. In this post, you’ll learn about the products available on TalkTalk for you to get an overview of what the brand offers. We’ll also give you their prices, speeds, and extra charges.

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Reviews of TalkTalk broadband: is it any good?

Talktalk broadband services might not be the best regarding speed, customer service, and reliability. However, it’s not the worst ISP in the UK. TalkTalk offers competitive prices compared to the other ISPs in the UK for phone lines and broadband services.

The prices are as follows:

Plan Price Speed
Fibre 150 £22.95 125Mbps
Fibre 35 £25.00 38 Mbps
Fibre 65 £26.00 67 Mbps
Fibre 65 + Unlimited UK landline and mobile calls £56.00 77 Mbps
Fibre 150 + unlimited UK landline and mobile calls £31.95 152 Mbps
Fast broadband £24.95 11 Mbps

Although they are arguably the fourth-biggest ISP in the UK, various users have complained about the quality of their services. They certainly do not measure up to other ISPs like Virgin Media, BT, and Sky in terms of output.

Unreliability is one of the major reasons for these ratings. Users have claimed that broadband services have been unstable. The phone line and broadband services also go off for long periods, leaving users stranded occasionally.

They have left many of their customers dissatisfied, as there is often miscommunication or failure to fulfill certain responsibilities. There have also been complaints of late or no responses from the customer service department when users lodge complaints about their services.

TalkTalk broadband review on Fibre 35

TalkTalk’s Fibre 35 package is a good package for anybody looking to switch to fibre gaming and TV streaming. The package offers an average internet speed of about 38 Mbps. That’s quite fast enough to stream games and TV programs without buffering.

Being about three times faster than an average broadband connection, it is ideal for family households where more than one person is online simultaneously.

On top of this internet speed, TalkTalk’s Fibre 35 broadband package comes with a Huawei DG8041W router, The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Black.

Awesome right?

Review of TalkTalk broadband: Fibre 65

The Fibre 65 broadband from TalkTalk is ideal for streaming Ultra HD videos and movies online without buffering. Other users can also play online games, surf the net, and browse social media simultaneously without worrying about lagging speed.

Being about six times faster than an average broadband connection, it is ideal for any household with heavy internet activity from multiple users simultaneously. This download speed means the kids can game online and do their assignments, while the parents can stream Netflix or Amazon Prime on HD quality simultaneously.

TalkTalk’s Fibre 65 broadband package offers an average download speed of 67 Mbps. On top of this fast internet speed, the package comes with a smart ‘Wi-Fi Hub Black’ from TalkTalk as a cherry-on-top.

TalkTalk broadband review on Fibre 150

TalkTalk Fibre 150 broadband package is a Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) package that requires you to have FTTP connected in your area before you can enjoy the service. The package offers ultrafast internet speed of about 145 Mbps.

Fibre 150 uses G. Fast technology, so you don’t need to have Fibre on your premises so long you’re within 500 metres of your local street cabinet. You’re set if your local exchange has been upgraded to accommodate the G. Fast technology.

It is ideal for anyone who wants ultrafast internet connectivity and has multiple web-connected devices. The package also comes with the Sagemcom Fast 5364 ‘Wi-Fi Hub router.

TalkTalk broadband review on Fibre 500

You’ll get incredibly fast download and upload speeds if you subscribe to TalkTalk’s Future Fibre 500 package. It promises upload speeds of about 71 Mbps and download speeds of about 506 Mbps.

This incredibly fast internet connectivity results from a clean and direct internet copper wire connection into your home. The package also comes with an Amazon eero Pro 6 Mesh router which facilitates your coverage for about the next 560 square metres. It is ideal for just about any streaming or intense internet activity.

However, only individuals within a certain region can enjoy the service. You can look up your location in the Postcode checker to see if you can enjoy it.

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