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Cashback Card from Utility Warehouse: how to get it and shops

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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This post will talk about the Utility Warehouse Cashback card, how it works and how to get it. We will also talk about how to use it and participating stores.

What is the Cashback Card from Utility Warehouse?

When you shop with the utility warehouse cashback card, you get a discount to pay off some of your monthly utility bills. This promo is only for customers on Utility Warehouse that bundle up their home services and insurance into one.

Pay your power bill with the money you spend on shopping.

On regular purchases that are deducted directly from your UW account, you may receive up to 10% cashback. You can increase the qualifying spend across the family, lowering your UW bill and adding more cardholders for no additional cost.

Get your Cashback Card on Utility Warehouse

As a current client, you can order Cashback Cards by going to the Cashback section of your online account and following the straightforward instructions. This cashback card is presently accessible via the web, but UW will make it available in the UW app soon.

You can order a second card to increase your cashback earnings if you only have one Cashback Card. To obtain one once more, log into your online account. Soon, you'll be able to order extra cards using the UW app.

How to top up your Utility Warehouse Cashback Card

You can top up your utility warehouse cashback card in your online account or through the UW app.

Follow these easy steps to top-up your utility warehouse cashback card:

  1. Click on View your cashback card.
  2. Select Top up now<< /strong>/li>
  3. You can add a new card by selecting One-off top-up from the menu.
  4. After doing a one-time top-up with the additional card, you can choose which card to use for your automatic top-up.

How can I conduct a contactless transaction?

The Utility Warehouse Mastercard Cashback Card speeds up transactions up to £45! Press your card to the reader to complete the transaction; a beep or green light will indicate success. Your payment will be accepted after a brief delay.

UW will request your PIN after ten consecutive contactless payments as a security measure.

How can I make a cash withdrawal using my Cashback Card?

You can use your cashback card to withdraw funds in one of two ways:

  1. Using a Mastercard-compatible ATM
  • A 24-hour period is a limit for withdrawals, which is £250.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs cost 50p and depending on the ATM provider. There may be additional fees.
  1. Back to your bank account
  • UW will refund the bank account you used to top up.
  • Please give UW up to 3 working days to complete these payments.

These withdrawals are conducted by crediting your Cashback Card with the most recent top-ups from your bank account. We will return the whole or partial value of the initial top-up if your withdrawal exceeds the value of your most recent top-up. This implies that the exit can appear in your bank account as many transactions.

Utility Warehouse Cashback partners: where to use your card?

You can use your Cashback Card wherever Mastercard is accepted. Earn 1% cashback on all in-store and online purchases, with a monthly cap of £10 cashback.

What must I do if my Cashback Card expires?

After the date of issuance, Cashback Cards remain active for five years. A few weeks before the expiration of your current card, UW will automatically issue you a new one.

Please sign in to your online account or the UW App when you receive your new card to activate it. Your old card will stop functioning as soon as your new one is activated. The previous card's fixed or automatic top-ups and any outstanding balances will be carried over to the new card.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I can't remember my Cashback Card PIN?

You can view your pin at any moment via the UW App or your online My Account account if you have the UW Mastercard Cashback Card.

How can I change my Cashback Card PIN?

Any cash machine (ideally one connected to a bank) displaying the Mastercard acceptance symbol allows you to update the PIN on your Cashback Card anytime. Choose the PIN Service option from the menu that appears on the screen, and then follow the on-screen directions.

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