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Utility Warehouse's internet is down: what to do if your internet is not working.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Is your utility warehouse internet down? This article will provide easy steps to check if there is a problem with your UW internet connection and how to fix it without the help of an engineer.

Is Utility Warehouse's internet down?

If your subscription to the UW broadband service is still on, you should enjoy uninterrupted internet service. If not, you may be experiencing a problem with your internet connection. To find out if the problem is from your home connection or if there is a general problem with utility broadband connection in your area, run a speed test.

Run a Speed test

Speed tests provide information on your internet speed. If you are getting rates below the speed listed in your contract, your internet connection may have a problem.

Check if your phone line from Utility Warehouse is down.

Is your utility warehouse phone line down? There is no direct way to check if your phone line from the utility warehouse is down. You can call UW customer care at 009 44 20 8955 5557. They will tell you if there is a general problem in your area or

Check if the mobile network from Utility Warehouse is down.

Utility warehouse uses the EE network for their mobile services. The EE network covers almost every home in the United Kingdom and is reliable.

Suppose you have difficulties accessing the internet or using other mobile services on utility warehouse. In that case, you can use the EE network and status checker to find out if there is a known problem with the EE network in your area.

Follow these easy steps to use the EE status network status checker.

  1. Go to the EE network and coverage status checker page.
  2. Fill in the details as required
  3. Click check status

Connection problems with Utility Warehouse: what to do?

Here is how to fix some common utility warehouse broadband issues.

Is the phone line operational?

Take the phone's handset and start listening. Is there a dial tone audible? If there is no sound and you cannot make or receive calls, your phone is most likely to blame. If your phone seems noisy, the problem can be with your phone. Visit the UW Home Phone assistance page, please.

Are your router's lights on?

If not, make sure you connect your router and turn on the power at the mains. Test the router in a different room using another power outlet if the lights still need to be turned on.

Do you have a standard phone jack?

Ensure that every telephone socket you actively use has a microfilter attached to your gadgets, including phones, Sky Boxes, and alarms. If you have a telephone socket that has already been filtered, you do not require microfilters.

Is anything else interfering with your line?

Remove all the plugs from your telephone sockets, then plug your broadband router directly into the telephone master socket, typically where your phone line enters your premises. A phone extension cable should not be used as it can affect your signal.

Is it necessary to reboot your router?

For 10 seconds, press the reset button on the router's rear. The router you are using will automatically configure itself within five minutes. You will lose all your router's settings, including any unique setups, so please be aware of that. If you need clarification or want to avoid losing customised settings, try shutting off the power and waiting a few minutes before turning it back on.

If it still doesn't work, you should

Use your test socket to see whether there is a problem with your internal wiring.

In the test socket, insert your filter. If the service is functioning as expected from the test socket, the line is sound, and your internal wiring or socket front plate may be malfunctioning. UW can still make arrangements for a technician to fix internal wiring problems.

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